Friday, 17 August 2012

Goodbye Cheryl?

Speculation over the future of hapless Welsh Secretary  Cheryl Gillen has risen after after  "influential" Tory  Tim Montgomerie, the editor of Tory website Conservative Home, called for Preseli Pembrokeshire MP Stephen Crabb to be made Secretary of State for Wales He  stated

“Cheryl Gillan is almost certain for the chop and rather than worrying only about the gender balance of the frontbench, he should worry about whether it represents people from working-class backgrounds. “Replace Ms Gillan with Stephen Crabb. Representing a Welsh seat, bright, articulate, politically savvy and from a humble background Stephen is exactly the kind of person who would be a great representative for our party in Wales.”
Wales Online, 16 August 2012

Further Speculation on Betsan Powis Blog on the BBC (but by Toby Mason ) reflecting on the current state of the Welsh Tories on a future Welsh secretary. Led to who wil replace Gillian 

"Rather than try and find some sort of entente, most Conservative AMs now seem to pin their hopes for the future on David Cameron's expected reshuffle, due in early September. The prospect of Bridgend-educated Maria Miller, the current UK Minister for Disabled People, and MP for Basingstoke as the new Welsh Secretary doesn't fill them with wild enthusiasm - but mention the member for Clwyd West stepping up from deputy to the Cabinet table and the most common reaction is akin to that of an ice cube running down their backs".
BBC  14 August 2012 

Of course these names are being banded because two represent Welsh Constituencies  and one has  Welsh connection.

But this is assuming that Cameron really cares about Welsh feelings that their Secretary of State should have some connection's with us. But it may be depend on  whether he needs to promote a loyalist or silence a rebel by giving them a Cabinet position,

It does seem that Gillian may well be domed but I  wouldn't like to put a bet on her successor . There a very good chance I've never heard of them anyway  .

The Tories always have had a problem with this position due to the lack of quality Tory MPs in Wales. With a similar problem in Scotland . He may decide to abolish the post and create a Minister for devolved powers who can argue  the "We are all better together " case.

Could Cheryl Gillian  go into the record books as the last Secretary of State for Wales. Don't bet on it but then I would't place to much of a wager on who he replacement will be .Though I might just bet on her going but I don't think the odds will be worth it.

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maen_tramgwydd said...

The likes of Cheryl Gillan, who seems to speak with a mouthful of marbles, perpetuates the image of the Tories as the nasty party to the majority of the people in Wales, who find it impossible to identify with her type.

Unfortunately it drives people to vote Labour, which as far as a Wales has been concerned, is the useless party, as well as sometimes being nasty too.

There's nothing wrong with having right of centre views and opinions - they represent a legitimate political viewpoint. Unfortunately the Tories link it with an Anglo-centric form of unionism.

Every time I see and hear Gillan, she grates on me, reminding me of how Wales has been conquered, occupied, subjugated, exploited, even assimiliated, by successive Westminster governments. I wish she had the same effect on the rest of my fellow countrymen. For that reason alone, I'd like to see the back of her.