Sunday, 5 August 2012

Old Joke Corner,

Plaid winning the Buttrils By-election,in the Vale of Glamorgan from Labour just a few months after Labour had trounced every Party in Wales in the local government. Has reminded me of am old joke that  was popular in the 70's

At a a primary school a teacher who was a  known Labour party member as she had ambition to becoming Head one day asked her class if they had any news to tell their classmates.

One little boy raised his hand and said...

"Please Miss . My dog has  had puppies last week and they are all Labour party supporters"

The Teacher glowed with pleasure  and said....

"Well Dewi it just so happens we are having a special visitor next week. None other than the Chairman of our local council. You must tell him your news"

The day arrived and the whole school was assembled to pay homage to the great man.

Miss Evans the teacher rose  from her chair and announced

Now Councillor Dewi has some news for you . Dewi tell the Councillor your news..

Nervelessly  Dewi stood up ...

Please Sir. My dog had puppies two weeks ago and their all Plaid Cymru supporters .

The Teacher (seeing her ambitions dashed) almost screamed

"Dewi you said they were all Labour supporters"..

"That was two weeks ago Miss. Their eyes are open now".

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