Thursday, 30 July 2020

Will new Independence Parties in Scotland further or hinder a Indy2 Mandate?

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So we have the news tht a new pro-Scottish independence party has been created ahead of the next Holyrood elections.

The Independence for Scotland Party - based at a Glasgow address - was registered as a political party in May.

It's understood the party will be putting regional list candidates forward in a bid to ensure a majority of pro-independence MSPs in Holyrood.

Disability Rights activist Colette Walker has been listed as the leader of the new party.

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Joan McDowall is listed as treasurer with Victoria Johnson described as the nominating officer.

Taking to social media earlier this week, Walker told how it was a "great honour" to be leading the new party.

She wrote: "it’s a great honour to a founder member & leader of this new independence for Scotland party . It’s been a lot of hard work , But to achieve an independent Scotland is well worth it .

"Will keep you all posted with further developments ."

It may not be alone Tommy Sheridan, an Indy activist, socialist and former MSP hinted that he may support the concept of the new Alliance for Independence party but expressed concern about their target for another referendum. Alliance For Independence formally launched with former SNP MSP Dave Thompson at the helm this month.

Part of the argument for another Party than the SNP is that it would maximise rather than split the Independence Mandate after the 2021 elections.

The theory is that with the SNP  winning the vast majority of Constituency seats they will struggle to get the numbers on the Regional lists , and some how by voting for an Independence Party on the Regional lists could see the ISP or AIP securing enough regional seats to give Independence a mandate.

It's an intriguing though dangerous scenario , even if it was to work then  unionists would exploit the split in Independence Parties and seek to promote division.

But of course its up to voters in Scotland to make the choice , but as we see a growth of electoral interference  by outside bodies in the UK and other democracies , it could be that the plan to maximise the Independence mandate with more than one pro party could result in scuppering the whole Independence dream. 


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