Saturday, 4 July 2020

Welsh Tory MP seem unable to communicate in Cymraeg

The most telling part of the news that The Conservative MP for Ynys Mon has apologised for errors on her Welsh language website is that in a consithency which as a majority of speakers of Cymraeg she doesn't seem to be ale to employ someone who is capable  of doing her translations.

The BBC report that

Virginia Crosbie said the automatic translation used had not been "100% perfect".

I wonder if anyone thinks  automatic translations of any language is  "100% perfect" and use it in a official capacity like this.

A reference to the 2 Sisters plant on Anglesey was translated to "2 chwaer blanhighyn" - referring to a plant that grows in nature, rather than a factory.

Another press release translated sewer - someone who sews - to "carthffosydd" - sewers underground.

A button that invited constituents to book a phone surgery said: "Rwyf am archebu llawdriniaeth ffôn".

Llawdriniaeth refers to surgery in an operation.

Virginia Crosbie's website

In a tweet, Ms Crosbie said: "Thank you for your patience."

"While I have started learning the Welsh language, I am sorry that the automatic website translation is not 100% perfect."

She added: "We're currently working on a fully bilingual website.

It a pity Wales Online seems to have  missed the story  maybe because it's not a chance to claim that Welsh Translations are a burden which cannot be met by "reasonable" people.

Nation Cymru points out 

 The websites for the Conservative MPs for Wrexham, Clwyd South, the Vale of Glamorgan, Monmouth, the Vale of Clwyd, Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, Brecon and Radnorshire, Aberconwy, Delyn, Bridgend, and Montgomeryshire do not feature Welsh language translation.

The website of David Jones of Clwyd West is available in Welsh but the news content in untranslated.

As you can see many of these are in strongly Welsh speaking areas and the there are a fair number of Tories who speak  Welsh.

Some may put down  Virginia Crosbie winning of the   Ynys Môn solely down to English Immigration but this far from the actual truth .

Many Welsh speakers voted Conservative in Ynys Môn and throughout Wales , a smaller percentage perhaps but one wonders of those who did how many accept that their Tory MP does not consider communicating with them in Cymraeg of any importance whatsoever.


dafis said...

Any Welsh speaker, or non speaker, who voted for that panto dame gets what they deserved and may have 4+ more years of it. Be a touch more careful next time. Other parties need to take care about candidate selection. As I recall Plaid shot itself in the foot and Labour most likely got tangled in one of its many equal opportunities initiatives where an ideal local candidate got overlooked so that a disabled, gay, BAME from some remote dump like Manchester could have a go.

I may be oversimplifying it a bit but I'm sure you get my drift. People don't expect any better from Tories but still gift them a vote !

Anonymous said...

There is no way on planet earth that that woman would have been elected without the presence of the 32 per cent of the electorate being from England