Friday, 17 July 2020

A Federated UK is a false alternative to independence.

Before the debate over whether  we could have the right to seek independence the Liberal Democrat leader in Wales Jane Dodds brought up the old argument for a Federated UK.

I say argument  but she hardly made one given no real details why a Federal solution  would work. Indeed it seems to me that this is an attempt to derail or switch the growing Independence movements to a different track that is a dead end.

So what are the option?

1:  A "confederation of Wales , England , Scotland and Northern Ireland .

The first problem is of course Northern Ireland because for "Nationalists and Republicans"  the desire is nit just to leave the UK but to become part of a United Ireland .

Of course it could be that a United Ireland would be  invited to join this Confederation a sort of mini EU, but it is very likely to be rejected .

The problem remains that England as a constituent part of any confederation , with it population higher than all the other parts combined , would  either dominate the new union  or completely reject any situation where they could be outvoted in any legislature where they do not have a majority of MPs, or  any posibility of Wales for instance vetoing any legislating.

2: A Federation where power is also devolved to the English Regions, some examples are given below

The first problem is of course that such a move means that within the UK Wales and Scotland will be seen as a UK Region in the same manner as an English one .
Would there also be an English Parliament , but what would it do if real powers are passed down.

The second problem is that none of the English Regions seem to have any real historical identity and ironically the one part of the English Map that does Cornwall/Kernow (and maybe Yorkshire)  has no place a Federal England .

In both cases we need some idea how the Federal Parliament would work , but i suspect very little has been done on this.

If Jane Dodds or anyone can offer another possible Federation scenario, then they are welcome to do so.

But don't try and divert the Independence movement in Wales and Scotland  with a false alternative that will not work because it will unacceptable to England.

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