Saturday, 11 July 2020

An Irresponsible media on Lockdown easing must consider their role.

For the first time since lockdown began  I did my weekly shop by public transport.

I travelled to Pontypridd using my local Bus service (Edwards coaches) who have partially restored their Time Table to every 30 minutes.

I chose to go early and this may have been fortunate  as you can only sit in a seat where there are no passengers beside you or immediately inf front or beside you so only about a third of the usual capacity was possible.

I had no problem getting a seat however including the return journey , but it occurred to me that there is a possibility that I could be laden with groceries at the return from Pontypridd and would not be allowed on the bus because the seats are full.

It is a something those who believe they are going to return to normality soon are going to face.

Whether Boris Johnson early easing of lockdown has forced the Welsh Government to announce thier own easing against their better judgement.

Anyway we know that Pubs, cafes, restaurants and bars can reopen indoors in Wales from 3 August, providing coronavirus cases continue to fall.

"First Minister Mark Drakeford announced the date in a long list of changes to the country's coronavirus restrictions.

Exemptions will also be made to Wales' 2m distancing law, with businesses that cannot meet it expected to take precautions.

Hospitality businesses will be able to open outdoors from Monday.

Mr Drakeford said the opening of pubs, restaurants and cafes indoors would depend on how well the initial phase goes.

 I suspect not well and it is not helped by an enthusiastic media , who seem to avoiding giving the sort of advice on Social Distancing in these venues that people should be aware of. The current Yea the Pubs are open in England why can't we go for a pint in Wales  is irresponsible .

Campsites, hairdressers, beauty salons, cinemas and playgrounds are to reopen in the next three weeks, and outdoor activities, including "low-contact" team sports involving up to 30 people, can also resume from Monday.

But Mr Drakeford said rugby scrums would not be permitted.

Wales had previously been the only part of the UK not to set a date for the reopening of indoor hospitality".

Personally I find this rush to  open Pubs premature and I wonder how Social Distancing can be  enforced and if Face Masks and covering are made compulsory can you really go for a drink wearing a mask under the same restrictions as in shops.

ON  my rare ventures out have been using a Snood as a face covering but have now ordered a

Which brings me to the question where do you get a suitable  Mask.

We need a list of local outlets where people can get Masks especially for those in Rural areas who do not have an online connection.

Though of course delivery takes time so we need advanced warning on any compulsory wearing.

Of course if the governments on these islands had early on saw that every household received at least one reusable Mask then people may at least be able to send one person out to purchase more.

I can't see myself going to the pub or any of the newly opened venues , but for those who do (and I don't blame them) we need far more guidance from both our governments  and our current irresponsible media.

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Gwyn Isaac said...

I never realised how much I was social distancing before the CV-19 lockdown in March anyway. Since the lockdown I have been working from home and only going out once a week to buy groceries. People are scared of coming off furlough and returning to travelling to work again because they are unwell, they have elderly relatives or children and the risk of getting the virus. It feels like a lot of people have some strange kind of Stockholm Syndrome where they have identified with their captor which is imprisoning and institutionalising them to stay at home. Just goes to show how many people like Health and Safety despite what the papers say.