Sunday, 26 July 2020

Lib Dems and Tories created PCC's but don't like what we voted for.

I must admit I didn't' and still dont support the idea of Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) and would rather se the whole issue of policing and crime devolved to the Senedd

i spoilt my ballot in the first election in 2012 , but I at least made my way to the polling station , on a day whetr the  elections to appoint Wales' first police and crime commissioners (PCCs) have been marked by voter apath and one polling station (Bedwas) saw not one person votinngThe total number of votes was 344,213, a turnout of 14.9%.

It was much higher in 2016 when  the election was on the same day as the then Welsh Assembly elections. and were much higher than in England. 

However i am still opposed to them though I find  news  from Nation Cymru that 

The Welsh Liberal Democrats and Welsh Conservatives have both attacked the amount spent by Wales’ Police and Crime Commissioners, with the former calling for the roles to be scrapped.

Their calls came after an FOI request revealed PCCs had spent almost £9million on PR and staffing costs in the last four years.

Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Jane Dodds called for scrapping the role of Police and Crime Commissioners and for the full devolution of justice and policing to Wales.

The Welsh Conservatives meanwhile said that to spend in excess of £8 million on PR and staffing costs was “utterly scandalous”.

With no  (and no chance) seats in Wales or England it's small wonder  thet the Lib Dems want to abolish PCCs , whilst the "Welsh " Tories are only obeying thier London Masters in this case l Priti Patel has launched a review into the role of Police and Crime Commissioners in England and Wales in a bid to help improve 'accountability, scrutiny and transparency'.

In other words let the Daily Mail run things.

Of course it was the  Tory/Lib Dem coalition that brought in PCCs into being the former probably believing that as the  the self styled "Party of Law and Order" they would sweep the board .

in fact they didn't with Independents taking a fair of the seats and in Wales the result was  2 independents  (North Wales and ) 1 Labour (South Wales) and 1 Tory  (Dyfed).

Four years later Plaid having dropped their boycott of the election  won the North Wales Seat and Dyfed , whilst Labour  took  Gwent and South Wales.

So it comes to no surprise to me that the Tories and Lib Dems having no PCCs in Wales  are questioning their existence.

For the Tories in particular it must be galling that Plaid's Arfon Jones has proved to be probably one of the most vocal PCCs in the whole of England and Wales , but rather than being a "Hang them and Flog them" official  he  has championed "liberal " views on drugs in particular saying that i n an opinion piece for the Daily Post, he believes places like Wrexham - where open, public drug use is rife - should follow the lead of European cities like Geneva, where the authorities have provided safe, controlled areas for addicts to use drugs.  (read here)

To my mind Arfon is what we need rather than some draconian  Tory   and I will be delighted if he his reelected.

That does not mean I haven't changed my view of doing away with PCCs in Wales , but if we are to do so and until the whole issue of Policing and Crime is devolved  to the Senedd it is probably best , to have him there , rather than  it lying completely in the hands of  the odious Priti Patel and right wing media.

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