Thursday, 2 July 2020

Move the Tryweryn wall to outside the Senedd building.

After fascist symbols were used to deface the Tryweryn t one wonders how much longer it can survive as it is.

It was restored almost immediately , though I personally would wish that the Snowdonian Eagle a symbol used by the Free Wales Army some of who had far right views 

The Remember Tryweryn Wall") is a graffitied stone wall in Llanrhystud, Wales. Author and journalist Meic Stephens originally painted the words onto the wall of a ruined cottage in the early 1960s following the decision by the Liverpool City Council to flood the Tryweryn Valley to create the Llyn Celyn reservoir.[1] Due to its prominent location, stark message, and history of repeated vandalism, the wall has become an unofficial landmark of mid Wales. The phrase "Cofiwch Dryweryn" has itself become a prominent political slogan for Welsh nationalism, appearing on T-shirts and banners, and as replica murals]

Though I personally would wish that the Snowdonian Eagle a symbol used by the Free Wales Army some of who had far right views and was not i believe part  of the original.

In the wake of the latest (and disturbing attack ) on what is National Monument) I am renewing my call for the Tryweryn Wall to be  carefully taken down and take to be restored on the steps of the Senedd Building in Cardiff

I Don't have Photo Shop but something like this

It could  stand there reminding everyone not just elected member, that despite mass protests in Wales, and marches through Liverpool by Capel Celyn residents and their supporters, the legislation enabling the development was ultimately passed despite the opposition of 35 out of 36 Welsh Members of Parliament, with the 36th (David Llywelyn, Conservative MP for Cardiff North) abstaining. the bill was passed and they are there to see that it is they who should make the decisions for Wales and not others.


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good idea

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If you don't have photoshop then The Gnu Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a good substitute... and its free

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