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Transport for Wales: 10 things they're claim to be of achieving since taking over.

As you are awaiting  a late or cancelled  train, or standing in a crowded  carriage (assuming you get one,  be of good cheer, because.
To mark their first anniversary, we asked Transport for Wales the ten things they're proudest of achieving since taking over.
This from Wales online with my comments in green

1. New advanced fares to make journeys cheaper

Transport for Wales say they have set up 3,000 new advanced fares, which makes rail travel cheaper "for many journeys over 50 miles".
I wonder how many have taken this up or aware of it , but for many commuters it is the short journey in overcrowded cartridges in which they have paid for a seat which does not exist is the main concern.

2 . New services set up

Transport for Wales told us it has launched 215 services a week by reopening of the Halton Curve track in north Wales.
It means Wrexham and Liverpool are connected by rail for the first time in 40 years and there is an hourly link between Cheshire and Liverpool.
Services are hourly from Chester, calling at Helsby, Frodsham, Runcorn, Liverpool South Parkway (for John Lennon Airport) and Liverpool Lime Street.
There are also be two direct services per day from Wrexham General and one direct from Liverpool to Wrexham.
OK it must surley benefit parts of North Wales , but it seems "Transport fir Wales" are more interested in getting people to and from Chester and Liverpool than Transport in Wales , are they there to support English travellers more than Welsh in that area.

3. A new compensation structure

Transport for Wales told us that for the first time ever, rail customers in Wales and the Borders can claim for delays of just 15 minutes. A 15-minute delay is a big deal to our customers so this is a huge benefit to them and shows our recognition of that."
However there has been criticism of the compensation scheme, it can take a whopping 24 pieces of information before you can get compensation, which consumer champion Which? said was "fragmented" and "confusing".
They found passengers claim for only a third (34%) of journeys where money is owed for delays and cancellations.
Wales Online hit the nail on the head and shouldn't people on overcrowded Trains also receive compensation for paying for a seat that doesn't exist?

4. New trains

In May, additional rolling stock, including the return of loco-hauled Class 37 trains, was announced to provide extra capacity on the Rhymney Line.
It included a three-car Class 170 with 186 seats which will be joined by a further seven three-car-units and four two-car units that each provide seating for 110 passengers.
They will run on the Cheltenham to Maesteg line from December and could be used on the Ebbw Vale and Heart of Wales lines.
Again I wonder when Cheltenham , became part of Wales? and "could" is not good enough

5. A new way of checking how trains are performing

A spokesman said: "Our passengers deserve a high quality, reliable and punctual service, so we have introduced a new suite of targets around train performance, that are passenger focused and bespoke to TfW.
"These include measuring passenger time lost, short formations, and the percentage of station stops missed".  
There is a huge difference between "setting targets" and meeting them its not the availability of information , but how they are used that is important. 

6. New jobs

Since taking over, Transport for Wales has created more than 120 new jobs from engineering and design roles to customer service and cleaning positions.
How many of these jobs include  those taken on to introduce concessionary cards ? Is there are enough to cope Given that the address on the paper forms is  
Concessionary Travel Card 
PO Box 55 
LL49 0AY

Is there enough people to deal with the thousands of applications ?

7. Concessionary travel cards

What TfW say: "We have achieved a key milestone in our first all-Wales bus project. TfW is leading the roll-out of a new-style Concessionary Travel Card, to ensure consistency across Wales.
"The 22 local authorities began issuing the new-style Concessionary Travel Cards to new applicants on 17 June, and holders have been able to apply for the new cards since September."
However the scheme has been hit with difficulties. When the website launched itr crashed and had to be taken offline.
See above: But we can ask why was this necessary in the first place . I have helped a number of people with this  whereas  online  you only have to supply your current card  number age and current provider . The application form asks for more details and Evidence of eligibility* 60 and Over to and  you’ll need to send your completed application form along with two forms of evidence of your address and one form of evidence of your age (see Application Form Guidance for details).
You need to fill in the number of your current card  so why cant it be dealt with in the same way as the online application.

8. Station improvements

Last month, a £194m scheme to improve every station in Wales was announced.
A spokesman said: "We’re investing £194 million in every station across the Wales and Borders network, including improved passenger information, new signage, better platform shelters and better cycle storage facilities.
"We’re also making our stations safer, with CCTV installed at all stations."
The changes will come in over the next 15 years
195 million sems a lot , but  when divided throughout  Wales then it could be easily spent on the whole of the Cardiff - Swansea Line.

9. South Wales Metro

TfW says detailed planning and preparation for the Metro is under way "and we’ve also started work on site at both the new Metro tram-train depot at Taff’s Well and the new infrastructure depot in Treforest". 
The South Wales Metro will provide four trains per hour between Cardiff and Treherbert, Aberdare and Merthyr Tydfil from December 2022.
 South Wales Metro is just a  "Welsh Labour Government  PR stunt it's just a map 
and anyone seeking anything like the London Metro is living in a pipe dream. I can't see any significant diffrence to what we have now

Four trains per hour between Cardiff and Treherbert, Aberdare and Merthyr Tydfil from December 2022< is that four trains for each of the three lines beyond Pontypridd or what?

10. Community schemes being set up
Community Rail Partnerships are being set up across the Wales and Borders network to promote and encourage rail use in communities.
It will see £600,000 spent every single year, with 22 new community ambassador roles created alongside marketing roles to promote regional tourism and local economic growth.
This looks like creating smiling PR men and women to try and convince us Transport for Wales are doing what we expect.

If this was a half term report then the teachers comments would read "Could do Better"

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