Tuesday, 29 October 2019

70% of leave voters in Wales think violence towards MPs is a "price worth paying" for Brexit.

 On the night of January 30, 1933, SA men paraded with torches through Berlin to celebrate Hitler’s appointment as chancellor.
Men parade through the street at night carrying torches.
I have often wondered what went through the minds on those Germans , who were not members  or supporters of Hitler and the Nazi's as they saw the parade of thugs who used violence and intimidation against those who opposed them .
Did they think "How as it come to this"

A poll has found that 70% of leave voters in Wales think violence towards MPs is a "price worth paying" for Brexit., which frankly is the most disturbing impact of the whole farrago i have seen
According to Wales Online
The same research found 57% of remain voters in Wales think protests in which members of the public are badly injured are a "price worth paying" to stop Brexit and remain in the EU.
So its on both sides  , though the number in the Leave camp are far higher

The research, asking what people would be willing to see happen to get their way on Brexit, has been carried out by YouGov and Cardiff University and the University of Edinburgh and is broken down between England, Wales and Scotland.
The research found majorities in England, Scotland and Wales think that violence towards MPs and violent protests in which people are badly injured is ‘likely to occur’ if Brexit takes place.
  • Most Leave voters across all three countries think violence towards MPs is a ‘price worth paying’ for Brexit - 71% in England, 60% in Scotland and 70% in Wales.
  • The majority of Remain voters across all three countries think violence towards MPs is a ‘price worth paying’ to Remain - 58% in England, 53% in Scotland and 56% in Wales.
  • A majority of Remain voters across all three countries think protests in which members of the public are badly injured are a ‘price worth paying’ to stop Brexit and remain in the EU - 57% in England, 56% in Scotland and 57% in Wales.
  • In all three countries, leave voters think protests in which members of the public are badly injured are a ‘price worth paying’ to achieve Brexit - 69% in England, 62% in Scotland and 70% in Wales
 What generally worries me is that there seems no way ought  , Stopping Brexit, would only see very angry leave voters , who seem intent of driving of the cliff with a no seal , and it seems that we have passed the time when any compromise over a single market and or freedom of movement would be acceptable to Boris's last ditchers.  

'It's hard not to be genuinely shocked'
Professor Richard Wyn Jones, co-director of the Future of England Survey and director of Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre, said: "It’s not often that one finds oneself shaken by research findings, but in this case it’s hard to not be genuinely shocked - not only by the fact that so many think that violence is a likely consequence of Brexit, but that so many on either side of the Brexit divide seem to think that such events might be ‘worth it’ in order to secure their preferred outcome.

"Given that we appear to be on the brink of another general election in which further polarisation could be a deliberate campaign strategy for some parties, these findings should give all of us pause for thought and underline the importance of responsible and measured debate."
Half of all those polled in Wales (47%), more than half in England (52%) and almost two thirds in Scotland (61%) think that Brexit is likely to lead to the break-up of the UK.
Remain voters are particularly likely to believe that Brexit will lead to the breakup of the UK (around three quarters in Scotland, England and Wales believe this) but similar proportions of Leave voters believe staying in the EU will undermine faith in the union.
Majorities on both sides of the Brexit divide are willing to see substantial change to the union to get their own way on Brexit.
Among Leave voters, 74% in England, 74% in Wales and 59% in Scotland believe the breakup of the UK would be worth it to "take back control" via Brexit.
Staying in the EU will likely decrease faith in the union. Brexit could well change its borders."Individuals might profess an attachment to the union, but Brexit has revealed most in Britain to be ambivalent unionists who now see it as expendable to get their own way on Brexit.
"Because this holds for both Leave and Remain voters, it confirms just how much the Brexit debate has polarised the electorates in Britain. These findings show that polarisation is reshaping how we argue with one another, and what we argue about, but could reshape the union as well."
The sample, carried out between September 27 and October 1, was of 1,503 people for Wales.

The only solution is to end not the European Union , but the UK one and Scotland can stay in or rejoin the EU. Northern Ireland reunite with the South and England  live in a dreamworld of Empire 2.0.

But what of Wales who voted leave .

Can it follow Scotland or be absorbed into England ?

We have very little time to decide.


Simon Neville said...

'Forever hereunto annexed and incorporated' ...

dafis said...

Assimilation beckons unless we wake up a bit sharpish and stop likes of Plaid doing "deals" with Unionist LibDems and any other dubious peddlers of short term convenience(or should that be connivance?).

Having said that your observations regarding the infamy of the 30's can be applied not only to the extremist wing of the pro-Brexit uber-Unionist Falange ( so close to Farage I could not resist it !) but also to the likes of Plaid Youth whose keyboard nasties share serious similarities with the behaviours of hard core Nazi/Fascist thugs. What is it with these goons that they can't entertain debate with anyone holding contrary, or even mildly divergent views ? Their response to anything they dislike is to engage in a torrent of hate and abuse. Were that bile aimed at views rather than individuals one might feel a bit more at ease but the default behaviour has become increasingly "play the person not the ball". Adolf and his mates must be having a good old chuckle.