Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Siân, Sinéad, Jean and Joan .

Siân, Sinéad, Jean and Joan have been sharing a flat for a number of years now in a communal building consisting of 25 separate flats.

A few years ago Jean announced she was fed up with Joan's domineering character and that she wanted to move into a separate flat in the building.

Joan told her she would not be allowed to stay in the communal building and if she left their flat she would have to find accommodation elsewhere  and indicated that it would be much worse  than where Jean was living with her.

Then Jane  announced She wanted to leave the communal building and whereas  Siân meekly agreed Sinéad said she would like to move into the flat with her sister on the next floor , and then announced  that if Joan insisted she leave she would but her own flat in the building.

However the lease was in Joan's name and she  insisted they all leave, though there was an argument whether Sinéad would be allowed to spend more time with her sister and the rest of the building.

Even Siân was alarmed when it became obvious Jean had not found any suitable alternative accommodation and what she was proposing was little more than a slum.

Some of  Siân's friends who want her to leave Jean's dominance don't want her to move in to her own flat in the communal building but to find her own , whilst most think that would also be a slum.

Poor Siân so subdued after living with Joan for so many years . will she have the courage and follow Jean into a new flat in the communal building?

We can only wait and see,

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