Saturday, 26 October 2019

I dont want to be voting on a cold and dark december

I must admit that part of me that doesn't want a General election in December is because the Tories will probably win a majority push through a no deal Brexit and then start on their real agenda of screwing workers , destroying the welfare state and handing the NHS to US companies .

Though as the last election showed being in line for a landslide before the 

election is not necessary going to continue on polling day

The main problem I see apart from students being on holiday and affecting marginal seats for the benefit of the Tories. Is we will be expected to vote in the dark, when our  priorities are  preparing for Christmas.

For most of us voting on a cold, wet and dark December is a turn off and there is also the possibility especially in Scotland that snow can could make voting impossible for some and even postal votes being delayed.

Even Council Byelections tend not to be called in this period.

Also for those parties (everyone but the Tories and Farage's limited company) who do not enjoy the support of right wing press owned by no-domicile press barons , getting out on the streets, to deliver leaflets or canvass  and take te message direct to the people is going to be difficult.

In my 50 years of voting  I have never been canvassed or met on the street a Tory in an election.

In the past in some valley constituencies the Tory candidate would play fleeting visits to the Rhondda or Caerphilly and most would only see him (it was nearly always a him)  at the count.

Surely democracy is dependent on there being no impairment  to people voting or taking part in the democratic process 

Holding a election on December 12 would be such an impairment.

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