Sunday, 6 October 2019

Greens need to see Wales not as a "Frontier" but as a Nation.

At the same time  that Plaid were holding  their annual conference in Swansea The Green Party of England and Wales party begins its annual conference down the M4 Newport.
Its deputy leader Wales is the "last frontier for the Green Party",  has said, as the party begins its annual conference In Newport. Though sh might wonder why the Greens in Scotland a separate party  has met with success?

Amelia Womack said she was "determined to succeed" in Wales, after local and Euro election success in England.
Key party policies include ending reliance on fossil fuels, more public transport and creating "green jobs".
Ms Womack will address the conference on Saturday, and is standing in Newport West at the general election.
An election is widely expected to be called in the coming months, after Prime Minister Boris Johnson lost his working majority in the House of Commons.

"In the local elections in England this year we increased our councillors by more than double, we then increased our MEPs by more than double," she said.
In England, the Green Party has an MP, seven MEPs and two London assembly members.
But in Wales it has no representation in Cardiff Bay, Westminster or Brussels.
"Wales is the last frontier for the Green Party but we are determined to succeed," she said.

Wales have been let down for far too long by an ineffective Labour Party with a lack of ambition for the country, and opposition parties who have failed to energise and motivate voters with an alternative vision."

Ms Womack said her priorities were plans for a Green New Deal for Wales and tackling the "climate and ecological emergency" while addressing rising inequality in Wales.

The three-day event, at Newport's ICC Wales Conference Centre, runs until Sunday.

Ms Womack was a candidate in the Newport West by-election earlier this year, following the death of veteran Labour MP Paul Flynn.
Labour retained the seat, and she came sixth with 3.9 % of the vote, but points out she tripped the share in the 2017 general election.
She has also been selected to run for the South Wales East seat at the 2021 assembly election, and been Green Party deputy leader since 2014.
An England and Wales party, members in Wales voted against setting up a separate Wales party last year and  this led to the Green Party's leader in Wales has announced that he has defected to Plaid Cymru.
Grenville Ham said a vote by Green Party members in Wales over the summer against splitting from the English Green Party had made it "untenable" for him to remain a member.
He had wanted an independent Welsh Green Party, but this was rejected by nearly 65% of members who voted.
Mr Ham called Plaid Cymru the "only party focused on the future of Wales".

Making the announcement, on the eve of the then Plaid Cymru's annual conference, he said: "During my time as leader of the Greens in Wales I was unashamed to admit that I wanted the sole focus to be on Wales.
"However, after the membership decided that they wanted to remain a party of two countries, I felt my membership was untenable and I resigned my leadership."
Mr Ham said he had been brought up believing Plaid Cymru was a party for Welsh speakers but "my experiences over the years have shown me that this simply isn't the case"

One of the reasons for the relative success of the Green Party in Scotland is that Independistas who support  progressive politics and who may be disgruntled with the SNP government  can vote Green in the knowledge that are also  supporting Independence.
It is I admit a Catch 22 situation for Green supporters in Wales who want a "Welsh" Identity .in that they fear that they are too small in number  to form a separate party but will remain so unless they do.
Wales has a lot in common with the Green movement in England bit also Scotland let alone Europe and the rest of the World.
But you start local and they should begin not by looking at Wales as a "Frontier" but as a Nation.

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Mel Morgan said...

It strikes me that this marginal EnglandandWales organization is ex hypothesi condemning itself to remaining marginal in Wales.