Saturday, 28 September 2019

Scotland could declare Independence before Christmas.

Could  Scotland issue a Universal Declaration Of Independence  before the start of next year ?

Consider the circumstances of the Conservative winning  the next General Election with under 45% of the vote as they often have  and under First Past the post  have a comfortable working majority.

Now consider  the SNP also wining a majority (even all seats)in Scotland there with a similar percentage of the votes

If the Tories can claim a mandate  to run the UK with such a vote  then epically if they won every seat the SNP could also claim that Scotland effectively voted for Independence .

With all 59 Westminster seats and a majority (with the Greens) of pro Independence in the Scottish Parliament , then flanked with MPs and MSPs    Nicola Sturgeon could declare an Independent Scotland  on the Steps pf Holyrood  at the same time Boris Johnson returns from the Queen after a frosty meeting) to announce the formation of an UK government.

Unlikely as the SNP currently claim they would seek legitimacy , through a second independence referendum.

But  Johnson makes it clear that he would not allow an Independence Referendum in the next UK parliament, then a UDI by Nicola Sturgeon may well come before  Christmas.

We are living in Interesting time in the manner of the old Chinese curse and can we be absolutely sure that Scotland will want to be part of a UK effectively run by quasi  Brexit Tory fascists 

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East Neuker said...

The SNP won't win all the seats in Scotland in the seemingly inevitable upcoming election, but may come quite close. It won't make any difference to the UK state, which will not give a section 30 order. That does not prevent the Scottish Parliament from holding a referendum, but means that the result wouldn't be considered binding by the UK, and they would declare it to be "lllegitimate". It certainly wouldn't be illegal, though it's possible that the UK will try to make it so by legislating at Westminster.

What it comes to is this - the deep state of the U.K. has every intention of hanging on to Scotland by any means necessary, including force. The Scottish independence movement is a civic, peaceful and generally hopeful thing, and finds it hard to believe that the UK will act in this way. I am afraid they are in for a rude awakening. Boris and his cronies, driven be deeper forces, could do absolutely anything.

Even if Boris is dethroned, forces in the state will ensure they keep possession of Scotland's resources. England considers Scotland to be owned by them and their Scottish unionist collaborators.

I am not saying independence will not come ever, and I fervently hope it will, but if it does it will be a long hard road, and I may be too old to see the end of it. Good luck to Wales too.