Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Bercow to stand down and MPs go on enforced break.

The Speaker John Bercow has said he will stand down by October 31 or the next General Election, whichever comes first.

It seems he may have managed to see that a speaker who is not a government pawn is elected before a General election and a possible Tory majority

Wales Online report that
"The Conservatives had said they would field a candidate against him at the next election.
The Speaker of the Commons is an MP and stands in general elections but is usually unopposed by the major political parties.
Andrea Leadsom made comments on Sunday saying an "impartial speaker" was needed.
He said he makes “absolutely no apology to anyone, anywhere at any time” for his decisions.
"At the 2017 election, I promised my wife and children that it would be my last.
"This is a pledge that I intend to keep. If the House votes tonight for an early general election, my tenure as Speaker and MP will end when this Parliament ends.
"If the House does not so vote, I have concluded that the least disruptive and most democratic course of action would be for me to stand down at the close of business on Thursday, October 31.
That date will follow the Queen's speech expected on October 21 and 22.
He said: "The week or so after that may be quite lively, and it would be best to have an experienced figure in the chair for that short period.
"Most democratic because it will mean that a ballot is held when all members have some knowledge of the candidates.
"This is far preferable to a contest at the beginning of a parliament when new MPs will not be similarly informed and may find themselves vulnerable to undue institutional influence.
He said:  “To deploy a dangerous phrase, I have sought to be the backbenchers’ backstop. I couldn’t do so without the support of a small but superb team in Speaker’s House, the wiser house staff, my constituents and above all, my wife Sally and our three children, Oliver, Freddie and Jemima.
“From the bottom of my heart I thank them all profusely. "
With the October 31 Deadline  for leaving the  EU only Seven weeks away, the Commons has broken up for five weeks .

We may rightly decry Prime Minister proroguing parliament early but it is  absolutely ridiculous  as these Islands approach which ever way you stand the most important decision for decades our elected legislatures will not be sitting after only meeting for a few weeks after a long holiday.

What those who are apointed to negotiate on behalf the European Union are thinking , is beyond me/

The Prime Minister will not have to answer any challenges in the House and will probably avoid to so from any journalist who is willing to question on him.

Indeed it may well be that the reason he wants a General Election is thta he does not want to be exposed as the bumbling incompetent politician he is when challenged .

After all he does not want to see the voting public to realise the Emperor has no clothes.

All we have now is the Party Conferences  which are more like Party Rallies  where  we no longer see motions passed after often heated debates and Party Leaders coached by spin doctors who write their speech .

Though it does not always go down well

Instead of breaking up the parties should have cancelled their annual and conferences and tried to agree on a Brexit solution.

Parliament has defied him and seemingly prevented a No-Deal, but speculation is that he will ignore parliment which will not be there to question him and do it anyway.

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