Saturday, 14 September 2019

Plaid/Lib Dem pact still on the cards.

Some might think that with the surge in support for Independence then the  new that
The Liberal Democrats are "seriously in discussions" with Plaid Cymru to agree a pact at the next general election, Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson has said.
A poll is expected before Christmas because Boris Johnson's government has no majority in the House of Commons.
The Liberal Democrats won the recent Brecon and Radnorshire by-election after Plaid agreed not to stand.
Ms Swinson told BBC Wales discussions would "take their course", before details on specific seats are revealed.
may be  error for Plaid .

After all there is no guarantee that those seeking to vote for either party will transfer to the other and one wonders in Arfon for instance if there is a possibility those born outside Wales who support the Liberal Democrats , will vote for a Unionist Party if there is no candidate?

It's probably only a small amount a nd such a pact should be more of a help than an hindrance.

Nevertheless combining the Independence  question with the issue of Remain could well be a winner

Over 40% of people in Wales would support independence if it meant the country could stay in the EU. and emphasizing this will be a major theme I suspect.

Of course in the the seat carve up  a 50/50 agreement would be detrimental to Plaid as it could lose even more of the sparse coverage it gets from the UK media.

Then there's a question of Ceredigion which both seem to have agreed to contest and already there are signs that the Lib Dems are already campaigning and may repeat their we are the only Remain Party dirty tricks

We can only wait and see what will happen and unless Plaid makes gains or serious inroads in a number of seats , the Plaid leadership may have a lot of explaining to do. 

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East Neuker said...

WARNING. Do not trust Jo Swinson. She is a right wing undercover agent. Ex minister in a Tory government. More right wing than many Tories. Also a despicable political hypocrite. Warn everyone in the Welsh independence movement not to trust her at all. She Is deeply unionist and an agent of the deep UK state. No ne in the Scottish independence movement would give her the time of day.