Friday, 6 September 2019

How on earth did we end up with this as a government?

Ifan Morgan Jones of Nation Cymru has hit the nail on the head , with this tweeet.

I think people are becoming too excited about Boris Johnson's bad week. As Trump has shown, when politics is v. polarised, competence matter for less. People would rather an incompetent who agrees with them than a v. competent leader who does not.
John Crace reports inthe Guardian on Johnston's  speech in Wakefield  yesterday tells us.

"These are the days of miracle and wonder. The country just laughed when Theresa May promised “strong and stable” leadership. Now it’s beginning to wonder if she might not have had a point. Classic Dom.
Boris Johnson’s speech at a police academy in Wakefield was the shitshow to end all shitshows. It made his dystopian performances at the dispatch box over the previous two days look like models of sanity and coherence. Even May’s P45, loss of voice and collapsing scenery at the Tory party conference weren’t as excruciating to watch as this. The Clown Prince completely out of his head. Acid? Heroin? Cocaine? Or a cocktail of all three? If the UK is to be a failed state, it has found its ideal leader. Classic Dom.

When half the country is shouting, “Stop the coup!” in protest at the prime minister shutting down parliament, choosing to launch your election campaign surrounded by police recruits at a training academy is not the best of looks. Either for the government or the police. But this was Boris. A man for whom other people are mere satellites orbiting his sun. Rushing on his run. He felt just like Jesus’s son. And he guessed that he just didn’t know. Classic Dom.

What followed was a full-on breakdown. Both physical and mental. The narcissistic wound exposed as an infected open sore. Most leaders at least turn up with a speech they have prepared. However deathless the prose. Johnson prefers to wing it. The arrogant stream of pure unconsciousness. The bumbling worked for £25K after-dinner speeches when everyone was a bit pissed. It would work here. Classic Dom.
He was pleased to be wherever it was he had come to. Ah yes, he thought, for the first time noticing the grim faces of the policemen and women whom he’d kept standing around waiting for more than an hour. Police. We needed more of them. Especially if he was going to waste their time like this. Classic Dom.
“I used to be …” His voice tailed off. Boris couldn’t quite remember what it was he used to be. Prime minister? Surely not. That would be ridiculous. Then he had the most excruciating flashback. A wild hallucination of an incriminating laptop and wine stains on the carpet. The last time he had been surrounded by so many police. Classic Dom.
Johnson started rambling, desperately trying to navigate a way back to the present. A caution. That’s what the police had done when he had been collared. “Um … er …” he began. How did it go again? “You do not have to say anything … um … you know how it goes, don’t you?” he continued, turning round to ask the police lined up behind him. They looked blankly ahead, avoiding his gaze. Who was this man? “If you fail to mention … shomefing on swhich shoo later rely.” By now he was slurring every other word. Classic Dom".
Not sure what he means by "Classic Dom"  but urely if any other Prime Minister made such a incoherent  and inappropriate speech  , then the Right wing media would be screaming abuse  on their front pages.

In the same way Jacob Rees Mogg's argronace in the way he reclined in the House of Commons should come back to haunt him

But he made an even worse gaffe only days later

Jacob Rees-Mogg has apologised after comparing a consultant who helped draw up no-deal medical plans to the disgraced anti-vaxxer
Rees-Mogg told MPs that, in warning about the possible effects of a no-deal Brexit on medical supplies, Nicholl was being as irresponsible as Wakefield, who was struck off the medical register in 2010 after suggesting a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. Rees-Mogg apologised after intense pressure from the medical profession, as well as Westminster colleague

In normal times this would be a resigning issue.
But this is not normal times and what we see people who would not even voted or either of the two on to Llantrisant Community Council, because of their Hard Brexit views or rather rhetoric (Johnson probably does not believe it), support him .
Just as the powerful evangelical body in the US ignore Trump's  long list of infidelities he speaks their language, both Johnson and Rees Mogg leads to some former Labour supporters prepared to back them because of Brexit  and it as to be said because they want to see an end to immigration.
The issue of course is not helped by our First Past Post electoral system amd sadly an incompetent  Jeremy Corbym.
We really need to get out of this mess and like Scotland say goodbye to incompetent  and contemptuous Westminster politicians .
Both Nicola Sturgeon and Adam Price look like real leaders of a nation and not buffoons , who are there because the class system still exists.

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