Tuesday, 3 September 2019

If Scottish views "don't matter" Welsh views aren't even counted.

The odious Piers Morgan may well have  put the nail in the Union's coffin 

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was accused of being "unable to accept defeat" in a heated exchange with Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan over a no-deal Brexit.

Appearing on the ITV morning show, the First Minister was asked why any voter would ever choose to vote in a referendum again, if the result of the 2016 Brexit vote could be overturned by Parliament.

Speaking live from Bute House, Ms Sturgeon replied that if the UK did not leave the EU "then the result of the referendum in Brexit in Scotland, will be honoured not ignored."
She added: "I keep having to remind you that 62 per cent of people in Scotland didn't vote to leave, they voted to remain."
Attempting to shout over her, Mr Morgan said "It doesn't matter - you were part of the UK, it doesn't matter, you keep saying something irrelevant."
Ms Sturgeon retorted: "It's not a part strong case for staying in the union to say the views of Scotland simply don't matter and we have to go along with whatever is imposed on us."
Mr Morgan, again speaking over Ms Sturgeon said Scottish views did matter "but you lost - you lost Nicola Sturgeon and you won't accept defeat".
But the First Minister replied: "I didn't lose - we won the EU referendum in Scotland, we voted to remain."
Morgan even you accept that he is a complete prick was expressing , the view of the "Precious Union" in that it is a Union in name only .
If 100% of Scottish voters  had voted  to Remain it would not matter to Unionist because the views of Scotland are taken in the same way am English  Region would be and if Scottish views don't matter just consider  how Welsh views are taken.
Scotland will undoubtedly leave the Union and unless we in Wales wake up we will not only "not matter" but we will be carved up and put into the Northern and South West  regions  where our views will not only not count but not even heard.

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Kangaroo said...

It may well have been a UK vote, but legally there are two Kingdoms in a political Union. Both parties votes matter, and if they are inconsistent then the status quo should prevail. If one party seeks to impose it's will over the other then it is a Breach of Contract. Ipso Facto the Union is dead in the event WM seeks to impose an "advisory vote" on the Sovereign Scots against their will.