Sunday, 29 September 2019

Brexit has united Far Right and Far left nut jobs.

You can only wonder if there's a law for ordinary members of the public and another for politicians particularly on the right

The news that Police will not take any action against Nigel Farage after he vowed to "take the knife to the pen pushers in Whitehall" at a Brexit Party rally sms rather odd

The politician sparked anger when he made the comment to a 500-strong crowd last week.

He told the audience: "Once Brexit is done, we will take the knife to the pen pushers in Whitehall."

Alliance Party MEP Naomi Long asked police on Twitter if they would be investigating "this clear case of incitement to violence against staff in the civil service".

Gwent Police replied, saying:

"We have been made aware of comments made last night in Newport and we are looking into these allegations."

Meanwhile a guest on a BBC News politics show said British people should be rioting over delays to Brexit.

Brendan O'Neill, labelled an outspoken columnist (i.e nut job)who supports Brexit, made the incendiary comments on the BBC's Politics Live show on Friday.

One of England's former top prosecutors said police should now speak to O'Neill over his comments. There is legislation against inciting criminal activity, including violence and public disorder.

O'Neill, a former communist who has a newfound popularity among right-wing audiences, said British voters were told frequently that the Brexit referendum result would be delivered.

He asked what British people must think about "these so-called experts, and these lawyers, and these judges, and these parliamentarians" delaying or disrupting Brexit.

"They must just be watching this and thinking what's happened to democracy in this country?" he said, adding that he is "amazed that there haven't been riots yet."

When asked by the host if he thought there would be riots, O'Neill replied: "I think there should be."

His fellow panelists were shocked by the suggestion that people should riot.

O'Neill said he looks at the Gilets Jaunes in France, also known as the Yellow Vests, who have protested against the Macron government—sometimes violently—and "what I continually think is why have the British people been so patient?"
"I'm not talking about smashing up shops," O'Neill said, noting that the Suffragettes took "physical action" in their campaign for the women's vote.
"There is a fine tradition in this country of radical protest...when people's voices have been ignored. I think we have reached that level now."

Once a Trotskyist Marxist, O'Neill was formerly a member of Revolutionary Communist Party and wrote for the party's journal, Living Marxism. O'Neill self identifies as a Marxist libertarian [1] and writes for a range of publications.He began his career at Spiked's predecessor, Living Marxism, the journal of the Revolutionary Communist Party, which ceased publication after ITN won their libel action against it.

In April 2019, three former members of the Revolutionary Communist Party, Claire Fox, James Heartfield and Dr Alka Sehgal Cuthbert were selected as candidates for Nigel Farage's Brexit Party in the 2019 European Parliament election in the United Kingdom.[56][57][58]
Fox is now an MEP whilst Heartfeild will stand against Jerermy Corbyn at the next General Election.

It seems that maybe Brexit is being fueled by the sort of people on the far left and right for who politics is a sort of fetish in which they like to campaign and shock people but in reality they have no plans for actually leading the country.

Like spoilt children playing a board game with others , they have no actual interest in the how it should be played and in some respect even winning, so long as everybody pays them attention.

However if they lose they throw a tantrum and and smash the board.

The temptation is to let them win to shut them up , but it doednt solve the problem , and to ensure they win again they make up new rules to ensure  that no one else can challenge them.

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