Friday, 5 July 2019

Plaid gain seat on Rhondda Cynon Taf.

On Thursday I mentioned  that 50 years ago I stood in Pontypridd, he carrying a Ddraig Goch and myself a placard  with the words "Charlie Winsor" shall not pass on it making a protest against the Investiture.

It was wit5h the same friend who I started campaigning for Plaid Cymru by delivering leaflets in elections in the area of Maesycoed where he lived, at fifteen we were probably to young to actually knock in doors.

I think that this was the only ward in what was the Pontypridd Rural District Council that Plaid had a candidate , and in those days if Labour were ever challenged it was usually by an independent  or a perennial Liberal (Mart Murphy) in the Trallwyn Ward which they still hold.

So the news that Plaid's Eleri Griffithsu has won the council ward by-election in Rhondda Cynon Taf for the Rhondda ward.Eleri Griffiths of Plaid Cymru was elected last night represent areas such as Graigwen, Hopkinstown and Maesycoed has a n element of nostalgia.

Rhondda (Rhondda Cynon Taf) result: PC 404: 42.1% (+16.6) LAB: 266 27.7% (-15.1) CON: 14515.1% (+0.3) LDEM: 127 13.2% (-3.7) COMM: 18 1.9% (+1.9) Turn out 28% Plaid Cymru GAIN from Labour.

Comm: Communist.

Both Plaid and Labour seem to have put at alot into the election, which Labour  had one the two seats comfortably in 2017

Geraint Huw DAY Plaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales 333
Steve Alan DUGGAN Welsh Liberal Democrats 221
Gareth FAIRCLOUGH Welsh Conservative Party Candidate 164
Brian JAMES Welsh Conservative Party Candidate 193
Tina LEYSHON Welsh Labour 558 Elected
Rob SMITH Welsh Labour 554 Elected
Daniel Fraser THOMAS Plaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales 266

Plaid had a Number of AMs on the Street

Canvassing with and our candidate for Thursday's byelection. ☀️ Tywydd bendigedig.

 and Labour had two MPs on the street Yesterday.

The roads may be melting in - but not enough to slow down and me campaigning for and Loretta Tomkinson for the ward

After perhaps disappointing results in two by elections  in Neath Port Talbot where the seats were won by independents , .

To what extent local issues influenced  the vote  including  an unpopular reorganisation of Welsh Language Schools  will be interesting but Plaid are celebrating in Pontypridd ,

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