Monday, 15 July 2019

If Guto Bebb is serious he should resign and force a by-election.

The news that Guto Bebb says he will not stand for reselection as a Conservative candidate in the next general election as he is unhappy with the party's direction will hardly set the UK political world on fire but it should.
Aberconwy MP Guto Bebb said the Conservative Party was "appealing to the type of nationalism that has seen UKIP grow in the past, and the Brexit Party now".
A former member of Plaid Cymru, Mr Bebb added that he has no intention of re-joining the party.  
"I don't think Plaid Cymru has changed that much," he said."I don't believe in some of their economic principles. I consider myself Welsh, I can be completely comfortable with being part of an Union in Britain and the European Union."What's not possible for someone like me is to believe in the type of English nationalism that we are now seeing within the Conservative Party."I don't believe in nationalism at its worst in any context and certainly the nationalism I see in the Conservative Party currently concerns me."
Bebb was opposed to Brexit before the 2016 EU membership referendum. He retained Aberconwy in the 2017 general election with a small majority of 635 votes.
General election 2017: Aberconwy[5][6]
ConservativeGuto Bebb14,33744.6+3.1
LabourEmily Owen13,70242.6+14.4
Plaid CymruWyn Elis Jones3,1709.9-1.9
Liberal DemocratsSarah Leister-Burgess9412.9-1.7
Registered electors45,251
Conservative holdSwing−5.7
 He is the grandson of Ambrose Bebb, co-founder of Plaid Cymru, Ambrose  Bebb took a keen interest in politics and was inclined towards fascism, influenced by Charles Maurras of the Action Française movement. though ] With the outbreak of the Second World War, Bebb became a vocal proponent of the War Effort against Nazi Germany, and considered Germany's total defeat "essential".In the 1945 General Election Mr Bebb stood for the Plaid Cymru in the seat of Caernarvonshire, and came in third place.
Guto also leaned to the right when a Plaid member  though as is views on the current position of the Conservative Party has been more centre-right,
He also told BBC Radio Cymru that Boris Johnson would be a "disastrous" prime minister.
Mr Bebb was elected in May 2010. the Aberconwy MP and former defence minister said he could not back Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt to lead the party and was unhappy with the direction it was heading in.
Johnson would be a “disastrous” Prime Minister and the party’s no-deal Brexit agenda was “highly damaging” to the economy and business, Mr Bebb said.
“I cannot support candidates for leadership willing to embark on a no-deal Brexit or serve a government that does," said Mr Bebb.“I am surprised at the speed with which the Conservative Party has adopted a Faragist agenda.”“The Conservatives have decided they want to be the Brexit party.”Wales would be especially badly hit by a no-deal Brexit, Mr Bebb warned.
“All the statistics show Wales will be worse off than other parts of the UK. The speed with which the party has backed a no-deal Brexit is shocking. The Conservatives were a party that was pragmatic and pro-business. This is a disastrous action. It is extremely damaging.”
He said he would be sorry to go at the next election, which he believed would be earlier than expected, and would not say whether he would continue to vote for a party he disagreed with.
“I am very clear that I will vote for any party with a responsible attitude on this issue.”
It is a pity Mr Bebb did not put forward his disquiet over the road his party has been taken earlier . ItI has been clear that, since the European Referendum the Conservatives have been moving increasingly to the far right and whilst Boris Johnson is a shameless opportunist, he is clearly intending to  to appeal to a Populist English Nationalism  modeling itself on Trumps Make America Great Again Neo-Fascism.

If Guto Bebb his seriously worried about the direction of the Conservatives  he should consider resigning and calling a by-election, which could see a gain of a MP who is prepared to vote against a Government that is threatening our economy and even our democracy.

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