Monday, 8 July 2019

Neil McEcoy expulsion saga continues .

The Neil McEvoy saga has entered a very disturbing stage with  claims that 

he has been accused of damaging Plaid Cymru's reputation by criticising a paedophile politician's sentence

"A Plaid Cymru panel has been told expelled AM Neil McEvoy damaged the party’s reputation by criticising the non-custodial sentence handed to a senior Plaid politician who possessed extreme child pornography, we can reveal.Simon Thomas, who resigned as a regional AM for Mid and West Wales after being arrested in July 2018, received a six-month prison sentence suspended for two years when he pleaded guilty to three counts of making indecent images of children.Police found more than 600 indecent pictures and videos on an iPad and a mobile phone when they raided Thomas’ home –  150 in the highest category of illegal images.Responding to what he saw as the lenient nature of the sentence Mr McEvoy tweeted: 
“This sentence is all wrong. How is this protecting children? How can you avoid jail when you’ve bought and made images and videos of extreme child abuse? This has to be reviewed. Where’s the justice for his victims?”
Mr McEvoy is seeking readmission to Plaid Cymru after being expelled from the party for 12 months in March 2018. A party panel is due to consider shortly whether he should be allowed back. The panel is only allowed to consider Mr McEvoy’s behaviour since he was expelled.
An anonymous complaint about Mr McEvoy due to be considered by the panel has been leaked to us.
It includes tweets written by the South Wales AM and at the top of the first page there is a comment which states:
“Please assure me you won’t be tolerating such behaviour when he reapplies. As mentioned
this complaint has also been sent to Yes Cymru and the Welsh Assembly. Such behaviour will seriously damage the reputation of Plaid Cymru.” 
The first tweet included in the complaint is Mr McEvoy’s criticism of the sentence given to Simon Thomas. Other tweets are responses the AM made on Twitter to people who were unhappy with his criticism of the sentence.
First let us  be clear this is an anonymous complaint and although Plaid according to the article by Martin Shipton of the Mule are "considering the complaint" we do not know whether  the panel will even consider it justifies or even debating and it seems odd that although the party would like to put the Simon Thomas case behind them and it seems to me that if anyone has damaged  the party it is anonymous complaint and the leak which is damaging to the party.

Some may accuse that this i was deliberately  intended to either sabotage the case against Mr McEvoy as  I can't see how it would damage his defence, but i am getting into conspiracy theory here .

Not being in the bubble I don't fully understand the full ins or out of the long running saga of Neil Mcevoy's expulsion , but it seems that if they want to be s party of government  then it will need to make difficult decisions and  we can wonder if they are up to it.

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Gwyn Isaac said...

This news story is an open invitation for Have I Got News For You to label the Party as Paedophile Cymru if the show the Western Mail headline in their Caption Competition. Also, I don't suppose that Simon Thomas is very happy about it...