Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Another Investiture would be a case of insulting colonialism .

Fifty years ago a friend and I stood in Pontypridd, he carrying a Ddraig Goch and myself a placard  with the words "Charlie Winsor" shall not pass on it.

I think that today there would be more of us if the investiture was to take place and William becomes the Pretender to the 2Prince of ales" title.

It is encouraging to note 

Welsh  First Minister Mark Drakeford has said. It would not be sensible to replicate the investiture 50 years on, 
According to the BBC
Mr Drakeford said he was a republican at the time of the event and has not changed his mind since.
Monday is the 50th anniversary of Prince Charles' investiture at Caernarfon Castle.
Mr Drakeford said he imagined those who may be organising a future investiture "will be thinking about how you would organise things in contemporary Wales".
He made the comments as Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall began their week-long 15th summer tour of Wales.
When Prince Charles becomes king, the Duke of Cambridge will be in line to be the next Prince of Wales.
poll carried out for BBC Wales earlier this year suggested that, if an investiture was to be held, 41% would like one similar to that Prince Charles held in 1969.

Another 20% said they would like an investiture to be held, but different to 1969, while 30% would like to see no investiture held at all.
 Speaking at his monthly press conference, Mr Drakeford said: "I do remember the day. I'm an old fashioned republican myself and was at the age of 14. 
"I haven't changed my mind personally in that way since."
He acknowledged it was a "huge celebration" for most people in 1969, but said "times have moved on".
"I don't think replicating ways in which things were done over 50 years or more ago is a sensible way to think about how you do things in the future," he said.
It wasn't for him to have a hand in that, he told journalists.
"But I imagine those who will be thinking about it, will be thinking about how you would organise things in contemporary Wales, rather than thinking you should go back to a model that's 50 years old as something you'd just want to pick up and replicate."
Sir Nicholas Soames, a lifelong friend of the prince who was a guest at the investiture, said he thought it could be held again.
"It's like saying 'Will the coronation happen again?' - well of course it will," the Conservative MP said.
"It may not be quite the same service. There won't be so many troops on parade... but I would be very surprised if it doesn't take place."

But it's not the same as  a coronation, the investiture of the Prince of Wales is the ceremony marking formal acknowledgement of a newly-created Prince of Wales. During the investiture ceremony, the prince is presented and invested with the insignia of his rank and dignity, similar to a coronation. An investiture is purely ceremonial, as the title is created via letters patent.

Investitures fell into abeyance and the revival of investing the Prince of Wales in 1911 was largely due to David Lloyd George's instigation. A similar ceremony was also held in 1969 for Queen Elizabeth II's son and heir, Prince Charles revived by the odious George Thomas.

It was purely political move as Plaid Cymru were on a wave and indeed threatened Labour's heartlands.

Plaid made a great error in not directly opposing the Investiture and I wonder if this would be repeated.

But one thing is clear 50 years ago the opposition to the Investiture  received very little publicity and with the Social Media we have today we can at least communicate with one another to ensure our voices are heard.

William Windsor will likely be over 40 when he becomes Pretender to the title and I wonder if he would really want to go through it .

But what he wants his irrelevant. Let's get of our knees and oppose this another 

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