Sunday, 28 July 2019

Feeding the Beast.

Yesterday;s Blog, on the vile behaviour of Neil Hamilton got an above average readership.

Of course in doing so i am feeding the beast,  publicity is exactly what Hamilton wants. He may appeal to a small minority of people but that is all he needs,

I know that in covering Hamilton's behaviour i am doing exactly what he wants  publicity it is an quandary.

His claim that "My mandate derives from the Welsh people"Is a ridiculous  one.

He is a member of the Welsh Assembly because of the Additional list system in which his party scrapped a top up seat

2016 Welsh Assembly election additional members[edit]

PartyConstituency SeatsList Votes (vote %)D'Hondt EntitlementAdditional Members ElectedTotal Members ElectedDeviation from D'Hondt Entitlement
Plaid Cymru356,754 (26.3%)4140
Conservative344,461 (20.6%)3030
Labour141,975 (19.4%)3230
UKIP025,042 (11.6%)1110
Liberal Democrats123,554 (10.9%)1010
Abolish the Welsh Assembly010,707 (5.0%)0000
Green08,222 (3.8%)0000
He did try for a constituency seat but was roundly rejected, however receiving almost exactly the same percentage of votes that got him elected to the region.

Elections in the 2010s[edit]

Welsh Assembly Election 2016: Carmarthen East and Dinefwr[1]
Plaid CymruAdam Price14,42748.5Increase 3.6
LabourSteve Jeacock5,72719.2Decrease 10.8
ConservativeMatthew Paul4,48915.1Decrease 5.2
UKIPNeil Hamilton3,47411.7Increase 11.7
Liberal DemocratsWilliam Powell8372.8Decrease 2
GreenFreya Amsbury7972.7Decrease 2.7
Turnout53.7Increase 2.4
Plaid Cymru holdSwingIncrease 7.2

Since then he has not moved from his English home in Wiltshire and reports of sightings in his Mid and West Wales constituency are rarer than that of an escaped  cougar.

But this doesn't worry the likes of Hamilton, his notoriety pays off  and he only needs about 12% of the vote to give him the mandate he claims.

It is however a mandate from bigots and whilst not all of those who voted  Ikip in Mid and West Wales  and throughout our nation are racists, most actual racists did.  

Perhaps the worse thing about Hamilton is not that he is an AM , that there are people in Wales who respond favourably  to a man who was labelled this by a Judge.

Hopefully we will see the last of Hamilton after the 2021 Assembly Elections, but there are plenty more bigots in Wales to replace him and sadly many of them  will be our own people.

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