Sunday, 21 April 2019

2009: BNP bad, Ukip, not so bad. 2016: Ukip bad Brexit Party, not so bad.

Back in  2013 whilst i was condemning Ukip for using anti-immigration literature in the local elections, i wrote

It has been claimed that Ukip are "the BNP in better suits", which I don't agree with: But if they carry on producing literature which Nick Griffin  would be proud to put his name to. Then I will have to review my opinion.
Back in 2013 the BNP who had made some gains at local level and held two seats in the European Parliament  from 2009 were in decline and in the following years Euro Elections lost their seats whilst Ukip gained eleven to become the largest UK party with 25 seats.

The reason for the BNP decline could be , to the media scrutiny of their racist policies, but i this they served a purpose in deflecting such scrutiny from Ukip and the claim that while the latter was against immigration and membership of the EU, they were not racist.

It was a tactic that worked and Ukip went on to threaten the British establishment  and in doing so saw a Remain Prime Minister  David Cameron call a Referendum , which saw a majority vote Leave.

The clever people backing Ukip who were behind illegal tactics in the the Referendum, probably thought its usefulness was over  and the party hemorrhaged  MEP and Farage himself resigned as leader.

Then cam Mrs May complete Dogs Breakfast of the Leave negotiations , where under the  control of a small number but powerful Tory MPs  she pushed for a Hard Brexit.

This has resulting in the UK having to take part in the Euro elections, in which Ukip were in disarray and had undergone a series of leadership changes and allegations that they had moved further to the right.

So the clever people, behind Brexit turned back to Farage and he formed , the Brexit Party and now UKip will play the BNP role as being the unpalatable voice of Brexit , Whilst Farage will get  al the media attention.

Don't be fooled it is the same people behind the Brexit Party who seem to have amassed a lot of money quickly, and no-one in the media seem to be asking where it is from.

If in 2013 you thought that BNP bad and Ukip not so Bad, then like me you were mistaken and  the Ukip bad and Brexit Party not so bad is exactly what the same tactic.

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