Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Wasting Mule has fortnight old "Scoop"

Congratulations to Martin Shipton of the Wasting Mule  for his scoop on Labour have devoting a leaflet to a message from former Plaid Cymru leader Dafydd Elis-Thomas

An entire Welsh Labour leaflet has been devoted to a message from former Plaid Cymru leader Dafydd Elis-Thomas urging voters to back Cardiff West Labour candidate Kevin Brennan in the general election.
In a wholly unprecedented move Lord Elis-Thomas, who resigned from Plaid last year and now sits as an Independent AM, warned that the seat could be won by the Conservatives if “progressive” voters who normally vote Plaid, Liberal Democrat or Green don’t swing behind Mr Brennan, who has represented the seat since 2001 and had a majority of 6,789 in 2015.
Scoop? Well this Blog reported on this over a fortnight ago  on May 13 ans I was alerted to it by Cai Larson  of Blog Menai who even producer the relevant leaflet

Now don't get a huge readership and don't now if anyone from the Mule reads this 

I bet  Cai's Blog Menai gets monitored regularly. and one wonders why this has only hit the headlined now?

Is it maybe a new leaflet? Or is it Labour Press Office pushing their story.

It is clear from listing to this Mornings Breakfast which comes from Wales , claiming to cover the election here that they are pushing the Labour V Tory agenda.  

So maybe its not a surprise that any chance of Plaid advancing even more in Cardiff West is sidelined,

Of course as I pointed out Dafydd Els endorsement does not always work for his preferred candidate,

But is it not time the AM for Dwyfor Meirionnydd  did the honourable thing and redesign his seat  and fought a By-election?  As an Independent  i have no doubt he would win but I wonder what would happen if he stood for Labour?

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Anonymous said...

DET and McEvoy must have fallen out. McEvoy ran DET's unsuccessful leadership campaign, while last year DET made a massive financial contribution to McEvoy's unsuccessful Cardiff West campaign. I reckon that when DET left Plaid he expected McEvoy to follow him so that together they could create a new nationalist party.

McEvoy has already created his own brand - Cardiff Plaid - and has talked about a new party being needed in the past. Maybe when McEvoy was recently suspended he had DET urging him to jump ship. The problem for DET is that McEvoy believes his own hype and sees himself as leader of Plaid itself.

It will be interesting if Mike Deem does win. He has been McEvoy's favourite poodle since he joined Plaid three years back. Faithful and fond of gazing lovingly into his master's eyes. However, a Deem win would see - and I apologise for mixing these metaphors - the Monkey as the senior partner and I'm not at all sure that the Organ Grinder would be happy playing second fiddle.