Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Are the Tories finding Brexit not as popular as they thought?

Maybe the Tories are finding Brexit is not going as well among the electorate as the Tories thought it was/

Yesterday thier candidate for the Beddau ward on R.C.T  Sam Trusk posted this on Facebook page 

Sam Trask for Beddau ward23 hrs
With all the media hype surrounding the General Election next month, don't forget this Thursday is your chance to vote for who you want to represent you in your local council chamber, to make a real difference to local matters. This isn't about Brexit, it's about Beddau.

Which is all rather strange because  I had an election leaflet from him with this prominent feature.

It id true that this should be about local matters but the Tories are hoping that Mrs May suicidal Brexit tactics will carry them into gains on Thursday's Local Government .

But maybe as they knock on the doors they may be shocked to find that there are still people who are not following her Xenophobic mantra and believe  the Leave vote was a mistake.

It's probably wishful thinking on my part and the Tories who have 28 candidates in Rhondda Cynon Taf may make a breakthrough .

I wish there had been a Plaid  candidate but as there is a straight Labour-Tory fight in Beddau I will be voting for the Labour Candidate Richard Yeo. 

I don't want to see any Tories riding into my council on  Brexit coattails even if he seems to distancing himself.

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Munguin said...

I didn't know that the "vast majority" in Wales voted "overwhelmingly" for Brexit.

I really though it was an even narrower squeak than in England.