Thursday, 25 May 2017

Just who are the "Welsh" Party leaders?

In some ways  this election has raised the question of just who is the Leader Branch Manager of the various parties in Wales? Especially as the Tories are trying to turn it  into a Presidential Election of May verses Corbyn,,

So who is fronting their Party here .

Plaid  Cymru.

No problem here Leanne Wood is undoubtedly the voice of her party and is the only one cannot be called a Branch Manager. After a gruelling month fighting the Local Government Election , she has now been every where on both UK and Welsh Media (though not as much as the Party hopes for.

Appearing  in the Welsh Leaders Debate Nd the UK one the day after she is proving to have huge amounts of stamina.


Clearly to have decide to push Carwyn Jones  rather than UK leader Jeremy Corbyn,or who ever is the Shadow Secretary of State at the moment is an interesting strategy and resulted in me receiving this through the Royal Mail Yesterday.

No mention of Corbyn and unless Carwyn  remembers me from our days in Aber and is writing to an old acquaintance  the above will be going to every voter. So I wonder how this will appear in the electoral expenses.


A real curiosity as John Dixon Points out

I suppose the very fact that the ‘Welsh’ manifesto was launched by the UK leader rather than depending on any natives should have been warning in itself (the self-styled ‘Welsh leader’ wasn’t even present – whether by lack of invitation or lack of inclination is unstated). But some of the comments made should give serious cause for concern in relation to the resilience (I was tempted to say strength and stability) of the devolution settlement. How can these statements:
So where is Andrew RT Davies? It was Alun Cairns who was push forward  invited to the recent BBC meet the leaders from Wales an appearance where he resembled   a deer caught in the headlights and surely the bombastic Andrew RT would have put up a better show.

Is he ill or is he resisting the power grab from Wales that Mrs May seem sto be pushing.

Liberal Democrats ,

With Uk leader Tim Farron  struggling to heared Mark Williams would be facing an uphill task and probably concentrating on defending his Ceredigion seat  where oddly if there a Tory swing he might lose to Plaid,

This would cause the Lib Dems a problem as their Constitution demands that the Welsh leader must be a MP or AM. Where will that leave Kirsty  and the "Not a Collation"  Assembly Government.


It was Neil Hamilton who was pushed for the "Wales" segment of meet the leaders, which seems to confirm the finality of the coup against Nathan Gill who was deposed  as the Ukip Group Assembly leader shortly after he led them to an unrepresented 7 seats in the  last  General Election

Mr Gill then left the Group but still claims to lead Ukip Wales.

Perhaps this sorry state underlines the whole of the "Welsh" leaders branch Manager  syndrome.

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