Wednesday, 10 May 2017

"Chavs and their sickening England flags "

It is of course up to Labour who their leader of Cardiff Council is but to replace a leader immediately after you had retained control over the council seems odd,

After all they had fought on their record and past policies, If nothing is going to change then why change the leader . Or is the new leader intending to take Cardiff in a different direction?

If so surley the electors of Cardiff should have some say in this.

The new leader Huw Thomas managed to court controversy  when in 2015 he briefly abandoned Cardiff to stand in the General Election in Ceredigion.

One of the aspect of the election in the LibDem-Plaid marginal was asn attempt to slir the Plaid Candidate Mike Parker

Plaid Cymru has been urged to remove its general election candidate for Ceredigion over claims that he once compared some English-born residents of rural Wales to Nazis.
Mike Parker said he was "younger and angrier" when he wrote in 2001 that parts of Wales were inhabited by "gun-toting Final Solution crackpots".
Plaid said he now recognised the language he used was "inappropriate".
Labour said Mr Parker was "not fit" to represent Ceredigion.
Following press reports about the article written for Planet magazine, Mr Parker defended his actions in a statement on Facebook.

He said he had been writing about a minority of people he had met who said they had moved to rural Wales from England to "escape multicultural communities in more urban areas".

At the time Mr Thomas  called for the resignation of Plaid’s Mike Parker, who in 2001 wrote:

 “To some extent, rural Wales has become the British equivalent of the American mountains, inhabited by a sprinkling of paranoid conspiracy theorists, gun-toting Final Solution crackpots and anti-government obsessives.”

The unearthing of Mr Parker’s comments about racists prompted Mr Thomas to issue a statement saying: 

“These outrageous and deeply offensive remarks are exactly the sort of poisonous rhetoric you’d expect from Ukip, not a party that claims to be progressive and left wing.
"There should be no place in our politics or our society for such divisive and hateful language.
"As a Cardi to my core, I’m proud that Wales and Ceredigion have a history of welcoming people from across this island and across the world.
"These comments are totally at odds with the Ceredigion I know and love.”

However, it has emerged that in 2006, when he was a student living in Ceredigion, Mr Thomas wrote a blog posting in which he expressed his dislike of people who displayed their support for the England football team.

He wrote: 
“I agree that it’s completely sickening how many England flags are to be seen around Wales. It truly shows the degree our society has been infiltrated by incomers who are not ready to integrate.
“Very often, from what I see, some flying English flags are young people, who have been brought up in Wales, but who are loyal to England. This raises questions about us as Welsh people as well.
"It’s true that the parents are at fault, but it’s obvious that the education system has failed to create a Welsh Nationalism in these people, and I wonder also how many of us Welsh people, in our school days, tried to bring these people (aka chavs) into the Welsh circle.
"I can’t speak with a clear conscience by a long shot, so don’t think that I’m preaching, but it’s something to consider I feel.

“The retail sector is also responsible for making the situation worse I think, and all across Britain not only in Wales. The World Cup, to a large extent, is just an opportunity for high street shops to ‘cash in’, using special offers and social pressure to create a fake group mentality – Nationalism Asda style!
"Having said this, I had the opportunity, when I had the opportunity to buy an England flag for half price in WH Smith, Oxford, to answer with the phrase: ‘Since I am neither a simpleton nor a casual racist I must decline your offer’. Poor ‘Stacey’ didn’t know where to look!”
Now If Mr Thomas had not been so hypocritical  over Mike Parker's article I would put it down to the follies of youth he was 20 at the time.

But he had hypocritically  condemned Mr Parker for a previous perceived lack of judgement.

One wonders how many of his English born on Cardiff council think about their new leaders previous views.

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Cibwr said...

I know Mike Parker and that smear was despicable, the man was highlighting the racism of some people he met, he is a dedicated anti racist, yet his words were twisted to imply that he was the reverse. No one came out of this looking good, but the Labour candidate and now leader of the Labour group on Cardiff city council certainly came out worse. It probably cost Mike the election.