Friday, 26 May 2017

Lack of Electoral Communications again..

This is becoming a regular complaint .

With less than a fortnight to go to the General Election the only electoral  communication  I have received is the "letter"  from First Minister  Carwyn Jones I mentioned yesterday and Plaid's Candidate Address, which  I received nearly a week ago.

Its pretty good Imust say.

I don't know how this is reflected in the rest of the constituency  it is possible that other electors have received all the mail from the other candidates and not from Plaid.

Alas I am old enough to remember sitting with a group of activist in a church hall addressing envelopes  by hand, Time that could be taken up canvassing '

Indeed it led to an uproar in the 1980's when the Plaid Head Office sent a guideline on this stating

"The Ladies are very good at this"
Considering the Plaid candidate was my old friend Janet Davies she was not alone in being more than slightly displeased,

Modern Technology has allowed the use of an electoral database to print mailshots .

I wonder to what extent do the Parties or Royal Mail stagger these freely delivered "Electoral Communications",

It is understandable otherwise our poor old Postie would be weighed dowm.

Is there an means of separating those on the electoral register who will be voting by post?

It's over 20% mow and many will have voted with over a week of the campaign to go .

Personally  I believe that only those unable to walk a short distance to the polling booths . should have a postal vote.

But if people ate not getting electoral communications then maybe we should consider  having a week period before the Official election campaign where parties are not allowed to take to the streets bit prepare their literature and get it printed ready to be dispatched.

I have of course made my mind up who i'm voting for  and its the above Elin Fflur , but I would like to see what the other candidate have tom say for themselves,

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