Thursday, 4 May 2017

Labour are still "Confused" over devolving Policing to Wales.

Do Labour have any idea what their devolution polices regarding Wales are.
In a a BBC Radio  interview Dian  Abbott on Tuesday when she said 
we don't think it's right at this time to devolve policing, but this is something there's constant discussion about inside the Labour Party".
She later said: "We will make our position clear on this in the coming weeks."
 But Labour's  general election campaign chairman in Wales. Wayne David said Welsh party colleagues have 

"more of an ear to the ground than perhaps Diane".
Mr David said Labour's 2015 manifesto was very clear 
"that we favoured, at that time, an all-Wales plan drawn up by Welsh ministers".
"That will certainly be in the manifesto, but is likely to be embellished upon and the final details are being worked on as we speak.
"The Labour Party is firmly committed to extending devolution."
"It is still being discussed," he added
"Because we are in Wales we have got a little bit more of an ear to the ground than perhaps Diane.
"But nevertheless I can tell you that the Labour Party is firmly committed to strong policing, to neighbourhood policing and devolved policing as well."
However he denied Ms Abbott had got her facts wrong.
You can understand her confusion
We have been here before
Speaking in a House of Commons debate,in March last year  the then Shadiw  Home Secretary Andy Burnham said devolving policing powers was an "interesting proposal".
"But it's the view of the Labour Party in Wales. It's not yet the view of the party at a UK level but we will be giving it serious consideration," he added.
Labour's manifesto for last year's general election had  included a pledge to give the Welsh government policing powers.
ForewordWe will strengthen devolution once again, guaranteeing fair funding for Wales, as well as powers over policing, energy, transport and elections.
Page 13We will help make communities safer, by protecting and strengthening neighbourhood policing and will devolve to the Welsh Government the powers to shape the priorities and the governance structures for policing in Wales.
Page 52We will devolve powers over policing so that Welsh Ministers can devise an all-Wales policing plan to ensure it reflects Welsh priorities.
Page 62The Welsh Government has long demonstrated that locally made and locally accountable decision making is both more legitimate and effective. So we will give more powers to the Welsh Government, legislating early in the next Parliament to devolve to Wales powers outlined in the cross party Silk Commission, including on policing and elections, energy and transport.

As the must missed Syniadau pointed out   

This is not an absolutely unequivocal commitment to "devolve policing", but better interpreted as a commitment to devolve some powers over policing ... specifically so that Welsh ministers "can devise an all-Wales policing plan" and set up appropriate "governance structures for policing in Wales".

In a similar confused stae a month later to Ms Abbot a month later Mr Burnham insisted that the UK Labour party also supported the transfer of powers over policing from Westminster to the National Assembly.

When it came to Westminster voting Labour failed  to  back devolution of Police powers.o be included in the  in the last Wales Bill.

Policing powers are only a sample  of Labour's continuing confused state over Welsh powers.

Its almost as if they secretly are looking forward  to Scotland leaving the Union so they can with the Tories absorb Wales into England , perhaps ending Devolution altogether.

After all they seem content to sit in opposition to a cruel and callous permanent 
Tory Government rather than copying Scotland,


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