Tuesday, 11 September 2012

WJEC exams to regraded.

The Western Mule reports that Pupils across Wales are expected to see their English Language GCSE results regraded after the education minister said there had been a ‘serious distortion’ in how they’d been marked.

They report that...
"Assembly Education Minister Leighton Andrews has asked the WJEC exam board to regrade the papers, claiming this year’s outcome is ‘unjustifiable and almost certainly unfair to candidates’.
As a result, it is expected that several hundred candidates will be awarded higher grades.
The percentage of pupils from Wales gaining an A* to C in GCSE English Language fell from 61.3% in 2011 to 57.4% this year.
A report commissioned by Mr Andrews recommends the WJEC should regrade in order to achieve outcomes that are as similar as possible to the outcomes achieved by candidates in 2011, on the basis that there is no reason to believe that the 2012 Wales cohort was significantly different to last year’s."
 Western Mail 11 August 2012
However the BBC also reports  that..

 ..the board which provides exams in both England and Wales, said it needs to take account of the perspectives from both Ofqual and the Welsh government.
Given that the regulators have worked jointly on all matters to date relating to WJEC's GCSE English language awards, it is helpful that the minister's statement indicates that discussions 'will continue' with Ofqual on the results of WJEC English language candidates," said a spokesman.
"We look forward to further urgent discussions with both regulators in order to be clear about the direction we should now take."
BBC August 202 

It would be useful here if they told us how many took the English Language exam in England under the WJEC syllabus.

However it does show the problem fist brought up by Plaid Wrecsam on who relegates Welsh exams.

As far as the WJEC Ofqual role should  only be in reconising the Board and its syllabus  in England and not telling it how it should be set.
People take Exams by UK boards in counties outside the UK but these countries do not interfere in their running and its up to them to recognise their validity there,

Sadly the damage may have been done to a number of pupils who have taken another route rather than continuing in School and studying for their A levels but Leighton Andrews action is welcome.

But perhaps is main concern now is making sure that full responsibility for the syllabus and exams in Wales set by the WJEC, should come totally under the remit of the  Welsh Assembly and its appointed regulator.

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