Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Cheryl Gillan already gone..David Jones In

It seem Cheryl Gillian has already announced she is no longer Welsh Secretary  and has announced on Twitter she is no longer Welsh Secretary . We can only wait to see who will be our next Governor General.

Update 11:20

As Many predicted  David Jones, MP for Clywd West, replaces Cheryl Gillian as Welsh secretary after being promoted from the position of Wales office minister, which he held from 2010. He is not a particularly well-known name outside of Westminister but there had been pressure from Conservatives for Gillian's replacement to be an MP holding a Welsh seat

  • Jones was a member of the Welsh Assembly, representing north Wales, between 2002 and 2003 filling the seat vacated by Rod Richards. He made it clear from the outset that he would not seek re-election to the Assembly and stepped down at the 2003 elections.
  • He was elected to parliament in 2005, his third attempt, having previously contested Conwy in 1997 and the city of Chester in 2001
  • He was appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Wales Office on 13 May 20
  •  Jones describes his political interests as the environment, law and order and constitutional affairs
  •  In his maiden speech in the Commons, Jones bemoaned the fact that residents' representations on windfarms were "largely irrelevant" under the current planning regime   He also expressed concern about wind farms planned for his constituency (the proposed Gwynt y Mor wind farm[4 would be one of the biggest wind farms in the United Kingdom).. He also complained that his constituents had "suffered ... at the government's hands through the ban on fox hunting"
  • He used to be an active Blogger  but probably because of his his previous role and his promotion he is likely to cease such activities.
It isA a youthful looking 60 he takes over what is often considered the lowest Cabinet position and may see it as means of gaining promotion . Nevertheless it is welcome that we have a a Secretary State  who represents a Welsh Seat the fist Tory  to do so since Nicholas Edwards in 1987 in between six conservatives representing English constituencies have had the role.

Time will tell whether David Jones sees himself as representing Wales in the Cabinet or representing the Westminster Government in Wales or how he sees the role in the devolution era.

The fact that he declined a almost safe seat in the Assembly however points to him believing that his interest may not entirely lie in Welsh Politics,

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