Sunday, 2 September 2012

Exams results. Can any one win?.

Thousands of Welsh students could be allowed to re-sit their GCSE English exam after a report found grade boundaries had been changed part-way during the academic year according to the Western Mule..

They claim 

England’s exams regulator Ofqual said on Friday that January’s GCSE English exams were “graded generously” while the grade boundaries for exams sat in June were its likely the WJEC which is the main examining body in Wales  (but who seem to have simply followed the English regulator)will follow suit

But the Ofqual  maintained overall subject grades awarded were correct and examiners acted properly.

Plaid Wrecsam have pointed out the difficulties in finding out just who is regulation these exams conducted by the WJEC in Wales have a look at here prepare to be confused  despite  

Ofqual’s chief regulator Glenys Stacey said recognising the strength of feeling, students who sat exams in the summer would be offered the opportunity to re-sit in November.

But if this admission that there was a degree unfairness to students in changing the marking criteria mid-term , then the damage has been done.

Any HR or admissions officer looking at an application form  or CV and will surely  look at the date the GCSE was awarded and draw their own conclusions.. 

So they will look and take into account  at any re-sits.

Lets face it any Student who received a high grade last year may feel their award slightly tarnished and open to doubt  when compared to a similar student this year.

If you are going to reform the Exam structure this is not the way to go about it and if Leighton Andrews is serious about his job and not wanting to go down the same path he might want to look at the exam structure in Wales and reform them rot and branch. perhaps exam looking at the Scottish system. 

Many will feel that we should have tougher exams grades but the way this was carried out this year was unfair on the students the goalpost should not have been moved midterm in this way.

One thing is clear if you are going to make exams tougher be prepared for those who called for them to be made tougher to then complaining about falling eduction standards

I'.m afraid any Education Minister  will face  a form of the Catch 22 situation
  • The media and opposition claim the Exam are to easy and complain about education standards .
  • So have stricter marking.
  • But then fewer pupils get passes and high grade
  • So the media and opposition parties  complain about education Standards
  • So change the marking to ensure more  passes and higher grades.
  • The media and opposition claim the Exam are to easy and complain about education standards
  • So have stricter marking...
Good luck Leighton.

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