Sunday, 30 September 2012

Wales more of Airfix Model rather than a role one.

 With Carwyn Jones the only Labour leader of any legislative government in the UK its small wonder Ed Miliband told the Western Mule he was “definitely” helped in this task by being able to point to Wales, the one area of the UK where Labour remain in power.

He singled out the Jobs Growth Wales programme which aims to create 4,000 jobs a year.

Jac of the North may have given us some indication to whom some of these Jobs (if they come) may go to  as he explores the plans by Labour controlled Rhondda Cynon Taf to regenerate Penrhys inn the Rhondda and links with Labour Members 

Indeed it sometimes looks that many of these job creation projects only create positions for those running them.. Though this is somewhat unfair and we mustn't let Anti -Labour Party  prejudice cloud  our judgement.

But we really need independent audits to see how effective these are in creating jobs.

Such examples only give credence to Right wing politicians who see it a Socialist interventionism . Whilst in reality its nothing of the sort.

Though my main argument is that I see no evidence that the Welsh Assembly Government have done little in their time in power and the seem to believe that the best policy is to do nothing radical and thus gaining the hostility of the media . But are more than willing to sit out their time confident that the Welsh electorate will blame everything on the Westminster Coalition.

Indeed I doubt that Carwyn would be allowed by his London Masters to plough a radical policy . mindful of what happened when Ken Livingston's GLC and the media reaction .

But there not even a modest attempt to peruse a "New Deal" type agenda creating work at least Leanne Wood had some idea in her Plaid conference speech (But she could have gone further).
If we are to get out of the Welfare dependent West Britons that we are seen to be . We need to have Legislature that is prepared to sweep away the current way we look at Job and wealth creation and start with forming  a Mondragon Co-operative operations .throughout Wales who can adjust their model to local needs.and conditions.

But of course Carwyn's problem is that his party's interest does not lie in Wales creating a alternative democratic and left policy. Because it may just lead to people here in thinking that they can sought out their own problems out and not look to solitions from London based parties.

Like an Airfix model it Labour Welsh Assembly Government response to the powers we gave them last year  and its response to the current crisis may look like the real thing from a distance but close up you can see it only a very small plastic replica..of what we really need.

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