Friday, 14 September 2012

Police Commissioners a reason to visit the polling Station.

For the most part my only interest in the forthcoming Election for Police Commissioners is my opposition to the whole process

The fact that effectively only those supported by Political Parties or are wealthy can afford to stand  and that  independent candidates will not get Government money for even a single mail shot - which is something they would get for other elections.

So the likelihood is that virtually all the all those who will stand for these these post will be members of the two main parties  and as that ex  MPs like Alum Michael and Johm Prescott or persons constantly rejected by the electorate such as Christine Gwyther.

And the ban on  convicted criminals standing who were 18 or over at the time of the offence. The legislation also says that the offence has to carry a prison sentence means that Activists like former Members of Cymdeithas Yr Iaith who made a principled decision  to break the law and face the consequences in order to highlight an injustice are also banned.

This may have nothing to do with Plaid secession (a right one I think) not to contest the elections  but it would mean that the likes of Dafydd Iwan  are excluded from standing.

And is Dafydd any less honourable than Alun Michael?

The whole business is a mess undemocratic and far to restrictive.

But aboveall we do not need or want these has-been politicians running our Police..

We also have the news that Ballot papers for the upcoming police and crime commissioner elections will not be in Welsh unless legislation is passed in the coming days, the Electoral Commission will warn today.

The election watchdog warns that action must be taken or voters across Wales will be confronted with English-only ballot papers on November 15.

John Dixon over at Borthlas has shown the stupidity in the Westminster Governments attitude over the use over Welsh.

Lets face it I would have thought Bilingual Ballor Papers in Wales would be automatic.

I have been considering not voting or spoiling the ballot paper . I just might go to the polling station and write "Cymraeg "on the paper . I can't see any other reason to take part in this political farce.,

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