Saturday, 22 September 2012

Peace Advert banned from S4C

The BBC  reports the

A group that promotes peace claims an advert it wanted to air on the Welsh language channel, S4C, has been effectively banned from television.

Cymdeithas y Cymod, the Fellowship of Reconciliation, said it wanted to counter recruitment adverts for the armed services.

But the body used to clear TV adverts, Clearcast, said it could breach rules banning political causes.

However, an advert image has been cleared to run on S4C's online service.

To some extent I accept that this may be a case of a "Political Minded Advert" being banned but as
Cymdeithas  y Cymod  argume  the British Army are constantly showing adverts that  give a viewpoint on their role and in all of them no one is injured and no one is killed.

A recent advert even shows the use of a remote control missile to attack a rocket being set up by insurgents . The missile is deployed after the enemy have left and there a claim that there are no casualties .

So not only no British Soldiers are killed they don't kill any of the enemy!

Sanitised Warfare!

Also nearly all the adverts give a claim that there a career  in the Army despite the high unemployment amongst ex squaddies  and there no mention of the high number who are in prison 12% of the prison population) . Let alone those suffering from Post Dramatic stress disorder

Of course anyone pointing this out will be accused of "Not supporting our Boys"..

Why are we having these expensive recruitment videos any way ?
The government plan to cut the number of soldiers and there seems to lack of applicants.

Can it be that their true purpose is to justify the position of the UK in Afghanistan and other trouble spots.
This would make them political however and they could be treated under the same rules as  Cymdeithas  y Cymod were

So  while the Ministry of Defence " can you thier main role is to  justify MOD and Government  Defence policy.

In recent years there has been a disturbing move towards silencing any opposition from those against bot Labour and the Con/ LidDem involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan and a promotion of the idea that if you are opposed to this s you are attacking those fighting and even worse insulting  those who have been injured.or killed

We need to ask ourselves who really has the interest of those at risk in combat areas at heart . Those who put them there ,or those who want them brought home?

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