Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Nick Clegg clearly doesn't get devolution..

Subordinate Central have a caveat on their Blog  entitled which reads "Clegg respectfully disagrees with Andrews"

"Freedom Central is an independent, collaborative website run by Welsh Liberal Democrat acitivists where any individual inside or outside the party can express their views. Views expressed on this website are those of the individuals who express them and may not reflect those of the party"
Why do they then do they  reproduce  the report of Clegg's has criticised  Leighton Andrews the Assembly Education minister for ordering a remarking of English GCSEs ,without stating that thier opinion  or that of the Liberal Democrats Education Spokesman in the Assembly Aled Roberts or the Welsh leader "La Pasionoria"?

For the record Clegg said.
"My heart goes out to the parents and the children, particularly those who have taken English GCSEs where they feel there has been a change in the way they have been assessed, but I strongly feel that it isn't for politicians to start interfering and say we're going to change the system unilaterally." 
BBC News 24 September 2012

What is devolution for if Welsh Ministers can't make unilateral decisions when the Minister responsible in England refuses to budge?

Hasn't Gove acted unilaterally in refusing to regrade and changing the Examination system in England.?

As Clegg continued  saying that the coalition had made the "sensible" decision to replace GCSEs with the English Baccalaureate Certificate (Ebac).
"Now it's for the Welsh government and the Welsh politicians to decide whether they want to follow that example, but one thing I don't think will serve the Welsh people and children in the long run very well is to have Welsh politicians interfering in a haphazard way in which exams operate," he added. 
 BBC News 24 September 2012

Of course Clegg clearly would like Jenny Randerson responsible for Education in Wales and that we should simply follow any decisions made by the Westminster Education Minister.

Bur where do the Libdems in Wales stand on this?  Aparently despite it caveat Subordinate Central  do not have a view but simply reproduce that of their federal leader who clearly doesn't understand devolution.

A Blog which claim to be independent LibDem activist should comment on Clegg's words and support or point out any disagreement  . Simply reproducing the BBC report whilst informative is not good enough. otherwise its just a press release from Central Office.

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Shambo said...

If you're expecting consistency and integrity from Welsh Lib Dems then don't hold your breath.