Friday, 7 September 2012

A LibDem in the Welsh Office . Trouble ahead?

The Wales Office have appointed the first  Liberal Democrat, peer Jenny Randerson was made a Parliamentary Under Secretary of State

She was joined by Tory MP Stephen Crabb.

Their appointment came a day after Clwyd West Conservative MP David Jones succeeded Cheryl Gillan as Welsh Secretary, and the new junior ministers pledged to work with the Labour Government in Cardiff to grow Wales’ economy (though what else they would promise evades me).

The arrival of Baroness Randerson at Gwydyr House means there are now two former Assembly Members at the Wales Office – Mr Jones was briefly a North Wales AM.and if David Jomes  was to take Glyn Davies was to be taken on Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) from Cheryl Gillian then this would take the number up to three .

OK if you think we need Politicians who have  an insight of the Assembly but a bit  worrying if thier former colleagues see them as Lording it over them.

For the Liberal Democrats Jenny Randerson appointment may be a mixed blessing .

True they have a place in the Welsh Office but its a member of the Lords who they have been trying to reform and someone who was seen as a rival to La Pasionaria (Kirsty Williams) when she was part of the Liberal Democrat group in the Assembly.

La Pasionaria as the leader of a Federal party may be worried that although she may be still referred to the leader . Randerson wil be seen as the spokesperson for the Welsh Libdems and that it is going to be even harder for her to distinguish her federal party from the Toxic effect of the Coalition wiyth the Tories in Westminster .

And La Pasionaria must be vexed that she appears to have been snubbed when it emerged that conference organisers have failed to find a speaking slot for the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats at thier annual conference .and who can bet against the organises finding space to give  the new Welsh Office Minister an airing?

It could be that the Party leader in Wales of the Liberal Democrats who so far unlike those pf "Welsh" Labour and the "Welsh "Conservatives in the assembly  could claim her position was clear is going to have to work hard to show she still in charge of her party in the minds of the rest of us.

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