Monday, 17 September 2012

Matt Withers has left the Mule anyone notice.

If you been missing the Bylines in the Western Mule from Senedd Correspondent  Matt Withers it's because   he has recently taken up a new post as Media & PR Officer at Liberal Democrats London HQ..

Scrutinisers of his previous columns may seek to see any bias or hostility  in his column over the years to the Welsh Liberal Democrats but I can't really see any either way .

Though he seems to  have been in line with the Mules Ani- Nat Stand.

From what I can see he has not ben a member of any political Party

He  obtained  a BA (Hons) 2:1, German and Politics from the  University of Sheffield 1998 – 2002 where he was: Editor of student newspaper The Steel Press, Though it seems he also joined  Amnesty International.

So maybe he has taken this position as a career move rather than any political conviction.

His departure from the Mule will probably result in a further deterioration of the quality of political reporting in the paper as shown by the latest editions Scoop of  "Furious row over plans for two major supermarkets in Carmarthenshire"

They report  that "Carmarthenshire’s ruling Labour-Independent coalition has accused the area’s Plaid Cymru MP and AM of trying to scupper plans for the large developments at Llandeilo and Cross Hands."

Something Plaid claim they had simply been representing the concerns of local traders – and attacked the council for using its publicly-funded press office to criticise them".

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The report seems to consist of press repeats from the belligerents with only Sainsbury Director Neil Sachdev  joining in,  But no attempt seems has been made to contact any of the local people ot traders involved.

National Left admits to being uuilty of cutting and pasting from other sources  but in my defence I am just having a rant in the early part of the day . I am not a full time reporter .who should be digging a litle deeper than has been done here.

Alas it looks like it will get even worse in  the future as f our Media in years to come as staff are cut and experienced reporters seek more lucrative opportunities elsewhere.

P.S 11:25

Its will come as no surprise if you want any real in depth analysis of the Carmarthen row you will have to turn to blogs like Y Cneifiwr -for any form of analysis and not the Welsh Media.


Cneifiwr said...

I've just looked at the WM story, and it has fairly obviously been put together from press releases issued by the council and the two Plaid politicians.

glynbeddau said...

Yes it certainly looks like that

Anonymous said...

Things must be really REALLY bad at the western fail if defecting to the Lib Dems is seen as a good career move!