Saturday, 29 September 2012

What Next "Leanne Wood ate my Gerbil"?

I thought  that period known as the Silly  season was at at end; But the good old Mule has come up with what must be the most ridiculous "Political"  story of the year.

Welsh Labour challenges Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood to condemn president

Which contains the staggering news that Welsh Labour has challenged Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood to condemn her own party president after a video showed her speaking at a rally where flags of the paramilitary Free Wales Army were prominently displayed.

Cardiff South & Penarth Labour AM Vaughan Gething said

:Last week the Western Mail revealed Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood took a bizarre oath of allegiance to republicanism at a Cardiff wine bar during an event addressed by members of radical Welsh Nationalists Balchder Cymru {Pride of Wales}. Speaking afterwards she said she’d learnt her lesson and would not be performing in fringe political theatre again.
“Now we see her own party’s president, Jill Evans MEP, addressing supporters of the Free Wales Army right in front of the vulgar Free Wales Army flag.
“Leanne Wood should condemn Jill Evans for mixing with this radical fringe group and come clean with the electorate about Plaid Cymru’s relationship with extreme right wing nationalists. No Welsh party should have any sympathy with a paramilitary organisation such as the Free Wales Army in this day and age.

So according to the criteria laid  down by Vaughn Gething and welsh Labour

A Labour Politician would be condemned for speaking at an anti-cuts Rally where a small  bunch of Anarchist hold up a banner calling on people to smash the rich..

Or a  LibDem  for speaking at a anti War Rally where again a small band of Muslim Extremists call for the eradication of Israel.

A Conservative politician for addressing  at Countryside Alliance Rally where a small group (again) unveil a banner calling on Gays to be imprisoned.

Does simply attending let alone speaking  these events mean that you are sympathetic with these groups?

Are Politicians going to ignore these Protest or Rallied for being associated with a small group of extremist ?

Is the annual Cilmeri Rally  where the event took place o be handed over completely to fringe Nationalist? groups

  Former Plaid MP Adam Price said:

I plead guilty to attending this important historical commemoration on many occasions. It is impossible to control who turns up on such occasions.
“Jill can be accused of many things, most particularly being a pacifist. But to suggest she would have any sympathy with a paramilitary group is quite ridiculous.
“Roger Williams {the Liberal Democrat MP for Brecon & Radnorshire, which covers Cilmeri} has also attended the event. The idea of Roger dressing up in paramilitary gear and marching up a hill – or supporting those who do – is just totally laughable.”

How much longer is the Western Mule going to print these smears coming out of the Labour Party Press Office .

We are in the midst of the worst recession since the 1920's depression with a LibDem government in Westminster savagely attacking the poor and disposed in this country and AaLabour controlled Welsh Assembly locked in lethargy quite content to do nothing and blaim the Tories and LibDems for everything.

We need a National Newspaper in Wales  to investigate how we are in this mess and how politicians and others propose how we can get out of it.

We don't need the Welsh equivalent of "Freddy Star ate my Hamster"


Anonymous said...

Nobody reads the increasingly pathetic Mule anyway. Interesting that Labour need to resort to this level however, which suggests that Leanne is doing something right.

Plaid should ditch the defensive tone of its responses to the smear campaign however and embrace a pro-active stance? Perhaps an invitation to Carwyn to condemn his Scottish Labour counterpart's lurch to the right? Asking Vaughen Gething if he's proud to belong to a party which contains actual mass murderers and war criminals in its ranks?

Plaid seems far, far too accepting of Labour's parameters of public debate

Anonymous said...

Well funnily enough, we didn't have to wait long for the Mule's latest bit of vacuous Plaid bashing!

It really is time to start throwing something back. Should be easy enough given the Labour party is a haven for the the incompetent, the corrupt and the murderous. It's all very well competing on policy- something Plaid does well at (and part of the rational for the Labour/ Mule campaign is the very fact that Labour don't have any ideas, but sometimes it is necessary to attack.

Shambo said...

Don't go knocking the Western Mail. Where else would Freedom Central get its cut and paste material?