Sunday, 23 June 2019

Plaid in Cardiff seem to be seeking to include McEvoy whatever happens.

There is undoubtedly a great  deal of support for Neil McEcoy among some Plaid Members .

In September 2017, McEvoy was suspended again, after a unanimous decision by Plaid's Assembly group, following accusations that he had undermined Plaid Cymru's policy on council housing. In January 2018 he was expelled from the Plaid Cymru group in the Welsh Assembly, with a spokesperson stating that "His ongoing behaviour has left assembly member colleagues feeling undermined and demoralised".He currently sits as an Independent.

He  does however not receive the same support from his colleagues in the Assembly  and there are reports that Plaid Cymru assembly are members opposed to Neil McEvoy's application to re-join party,

It seems that his Cardiff supporters  may be preparing for the worst with this tweet coming from Plaid councillor Keith Parry.
The Plaid Cymru Group on Cardiff City Council has changed its name to the Cardiff Plaid and Independents Group. We have done this to include any independent members or Labour Party defectors who may wish to join and work with us. We have work on the council to do and indeed in winning the Cardiff West seat for Plaid Cymru.

You don't have to a a genius to see what's happening here .

So will in the Fairwatwer  ward which both Councilor Parry and Neil McEvoy represent, put up  joint candidates in the next  council elections under the guise of Plaid Cymru-Independent group with two Plaid Candidates and Neil McEvoy.

What Plaid Governing body will make of this will be interesting.

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