Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Can REMAIN Parties trust the Lib Dems in any By-election pact?y

The news that Plaid Cymru's leader Adam Price has confirmed it is in talks with other pro-EU parties over the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election is i suspect a dilemma for many Independistas
On one hand it is encouraging that that Plaid may be considering that such is the threat of Farages Brexit Party Limited Company, and the very real deal the Tories are going to take us out of the EU , with a No-Deal.
On the other hand, the prospect of the argument for Independence not being offered in a welsh constituency in favour of a Unionist Party that on winning will turn its eyes to Ceredigion and unseating a Plaid MP, may be a disastrous move.
The vote has been triggered after 10,005 people signed a petition to remove Tory MP Chris Davies, who was reselected on Sunday night.
The Wasting Mule reports that 

More than 10,000 voters in the constituency - one fifth of the electorate - signed what is known as a "recall petition" to have Conservative Chris Davies removed from office.
It is only the third time a recall petition has ever been held in the UK as part of new rules to ensure voters have a say in whether an MP should stay in office when they are convicted of an offence.
Davies, a 51-year-old father of two,  was sacked by voters after pleading guilty to two charges of making false claims under the Parliamentary Standards Act 2009 for photographs he had commissioned for his office.
When will the by-election be?
To begin the process, convention says that the Conservative party will "move the writ".
That usually happens within three months of the seat being vacant.
Once that is issued, the by-election will follow between 21 and 27 working days later.
Who is standing?
This section will be updated as candidates are announced.
Chris Davies - ConservativesChris Davies, MP for Brecon and Radnorshire constituency.Despite being sacked by his constituents, Chris Davies has been reselected as the candidate for the constituency.
Born in the Swansea Valley, he was educated at Morriston Comprehensive. He worked as a rural auctioneer and estate agent and managed one of Mid Wales' largest mixed veterinary practices based in Hay-on-Wye.
He was elected to Powys County Council in 2012.
He is a commentator at the Royal Welsh Show and Assistant Honorary Director of Horses.
He's married with two children.

Tom Davies - Labour Party

Brecon Town Councillor Tom Davies
Brecon Town Councillor Tom Davies is the candidate for Brecon and Radnorshire.
He was born and raised in Brecon and has lived in the constituency for most of his life. He was educated at Ysgol y Bannau and Brecon High School.
He read law at Aberystwyth University and is a qualified barrister.
He currently works as a Litigation Officer for a company based in Cwmbran.
He is a keen follower of rugby and football: a season ticket holder for the Scarlets rugby team, as well as following the Welsh football team both at home and across Europe. He also enjoys cooking and has a passion for live music.
Jane Dodds - Liberal Democrats

Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Jane Dodds 
The leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats since 2017, she was born and raised in Wrexham. A Welsh speaker, she studied in Cardiff and trained to be a social worker.
She has previously been a councillor in London. In 2015 and 2017, she was a candidate in Montgomeryshire. She was made the candidate for Brecon and Radnorshire in 2019 after a ballot of members.
She says she wants to "reinvigorate" the party and called on members to "lead the fight on Brexit, climate change, poverty and lonelines.
 The Brexit PartyThe Brexit Party has said it will field a "local candidate" but no candidate has yet been named.
As I indicated above  for Plaid to stand aside for the Liberal Democrats , would be a sacrifice and my problem is that although I have constantly mooted the possibility of a progressive alliance  i have doubts it we could trust the Liberal Democrats to use it for their own advantage.

They whilst having a long Pro-EU agenda are banking on this to erase the memory of them being the bag carriers of David Cameron Austerity Program , that in many way saw the growth of the idea that a vote to leave the EU would punish those who have caused misery for many working class people.

If there is going to be one REMAIN candidate in the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election then yea it should be a Liberal Democrat , but how much will they thank  or acknowledge those parties who have stood aside?

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