Thursday, 7 February 2013

When is a Welsh LibDem not a Welsh LibDem? In a PPB.

Last nights Welsh Liberal Democrat's Party Political Broadcast (PPB) was a curios affair.

You would be forgiven if you had expected it to consist of La Pasionaria, attacking the Welsh Government on health something she does so effectively in the Assembly.

Instead  it consisted of Vox Pops of people, none of whom seemed to have a Welsh accent  talking about the claim “Liberal Democrats  will have cut your income tax bill by £600 a year.

Even curiouser  these were in dispersed around La Pasionaria , claiming it was The Welsh Liberal Democrats who were cutting taxes,
If you look at the Liberal Democrat website you will see virtually the same broadcast but with Nick Clegg replacing Kirsty Williams

Was the same thing done in Scotland  with Willie Rennie MSP replacing Nick and Kirsty?

They may argue as a Federal Party this was the right thing to do. 

But the Vox Pop of those lauding this "Tax Cut"  under the name of the Welsh Liberal Democrat " give the impression that these were Welsh People though I doubt many wee fooled.

Simply doing the same PPB with a different segment does not make you a Welsh Party.

And giving the impression that Tax cuts come from this "Welsh Party" is disingenuous 

My advice to Kirst is to stick to what shes good at being a shroud waving opposition leader.

Giving the impression she in some ways in government doesn't work

On another note the Liberals have set the Eastleigh Byelection for 28 February  which suggest that they have been preparing for Chris Huhne's exit .

Clearly they don't want UKip or Labour to gain any momentum and make sure its a strait fight with the Tories.

Will the latter fight an aggressive campaign or make sure their coalition partner and especially Nick Clegg are not humiliated?

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Anonymous said...

Excepting the anti Wales alliance in Ceredigion, I can't see why anyone would vote Lib Dem again. Seriously!!