Monday, 4 February 2013

Bryncoch Byelection comfortable win for Labour

I try to inform readers of this Blog of Byelectuon results and therefore even though it is hardly earth shattering  include the result for the Bryncoch division of Bridgend Council

The election was called after the death of  Pat Penpraze, a former psychiatric nurse and highly respected Unison shop steward, she had represented her area for a number of years on St Brides Minor Community Council before being elected onto Bridgend County Borough Council in 2008.Which she gained from former Labour Councillor who was labeled as an  Independent/Democrat

.Brucoch Division January 31 2013
Shawn James Cullen  Independent 41 (11.5; +11.5)
Anita Dawn Davies Welsh Liberal Democrat  24(6.8; -19.1)
Janice Elizabeth Lewus Welsh Labour  222 (62.5; -11.6)
Michael lndependent  Quick 14 (3.9; +3.9)
Tim Thomas   Plaid Cymru 54 (15.2; +15.2)


Ian Jacka Welsh Liberal Democrats 109
Pat Penpraze Welsh Labour/Llafur Cymru 313 (E)

Craig Anthony Lambourne  Independent    123
Pat Penpraze Labour Party Candidate 258
Les Phillips   151 Independent  

As I said very little csn be read into this except that Labour hegenomy has beed regained ,

In 2004  the Liberal Democrats won 13 seats on Brigend council and led a minority administration but now have just 3 councilors with the conservatives and Plaid on one each.. With 10 Independents and 1 other.

The result shows that whilst Labour seemingly seem to be fully reestablished in Bridgend . This may wel be that there appears to be no alternative either on the Left or right..

This can be seen throughout Wales, although as the Vale of Glamorgan  Buttrills result showed Plaid can make a breakthrough.

But Labour look safe for now in most of Wales and the prospect of any other party experiencing a surge looks remote

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