Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Plaid : Powers without delay.

In it's submission to o the Silk Commission Plaid Cymru  have called for  devolving wide-ranging powers to the Welsh assembly, including over criminal justice, broadcasting and energy. without delay 

It is the without delay which is important , I t points to Plaid being much more aggressive in pushing for more powers and that they are moving on from the safe zone they seemingly seemed to have accepted of accepting the Devolution settlement. and a low but gradual process of gaining new powers.

As there is no good reason to delay these proposals we should have a Government of Wales Act as soon as practicable”
Elfyn Llwyd

In its evidence to the commission, Plaid said new powers over the police, rail infrastructure and food safety should be devolved to Cardiff.

Many of the transfers could be achieved without legislation, it said.

However, legislation would be needed to create the Scottish-style devolution settlement that Plaid said would give the assembly a broader range of powers.

The party said it would make it less likely that legislation passed by the assembly ends up in the courts.

Plaid should now start taking this to the Welsh People irrespective of Silk arguing for parity with the Scottish Parliament and by the next Assembly election bar one (2020) at the very least. Wales should be voting for members a equivalent  Parliament with the equivalent powers of Scotland at that time..

This should not distract Plaid for arguing for Independence but should be the very least option they put towards the Welsh electorate which is where the debate should be not an elected commission irrespective of what its recommendations may be, 

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