Monday, 11 February 2013

Condemnations but no Solutions.

It is not surprising that all three opposition parties in the Assembly have put their   'two-penneth'  in  following  a revelation from Health Minister Lesley Griffiths that seven out of 12 dignity spot-checks by watchdog Healthcare Inspectorate Wales highlighted concerns about staffing levels and the impact on patient safety.

In response to a written question by Plaid Cymru, Ms Griffiths said: “Since the ‘Dignity and Essential Care inspections’ programme began in November 2011, 12 inspections have been undertaken. Seven of the 12 inspections have highlighted concerns in relation to safe staffing levels.

Plaid Cymru’s health spokeswoman Elin Jones responded:
The figures are truly shocking. What is particularly worrying is the fact that local health boards have been asked to continue to cut staffing numbers here until they meet budget constraints, so it’s likely that they will fall even further.
“The Welsh Government must react decisively to the inspectorate’s findings to ensure sufficient levels of staff in each hospital in Wales. At the moment it seems that good care exists in pockets, but too often, staff are stretched too far. This simply isn’t good enough.”
La Pasiomaria (Kirsty Williams), leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said:
 “High quality, compassionate and dignified patient care is very much reliant on staffing levels on hospital wards. Doctors and nurses work very hard under very difficult circumstances but when they are stretched to their limits, this is when patients feel the consequences of a health system that has been run into the ground.
“While I accept that the report does conclude by saying that, generally, care is being provided in a way that is appropriate and compassionate, the Health Minister and her senior managers must never be complacent about the state of the NHS in Wales.
“Statistics, waiting times and targets already paint a very grim picture of our NHS. I am really concerned that we are close to breaking point and it will be patients who will suffer.”

Shadow Health Minister Darren Millar said:
 “These findings are extremely worrying, particularly given the Health Minister’s reassurances last week, following the inquiry into neglect at Stafford Hospital.“Cost-cutting has swamped everything our health service does. This culture must be stamped out if patient care is ever to reach the highest standards and if hard-working frontline staff are ever to get the support they deserve.”
So worthy words from all three, But unless they come up with an alternative they are the words of Parties who have the luxery of Opposition wino can call for more money for the NHS with out telling us from where in tr Welsh Budget pocket Money it should come.

The Tories and Lib Dems also have to answer to the shambles in the NHS in England under their watch despite their Prime Minsters  claim that things were worse in Wales . which don't really add up.

This is not a defence of Labours running of the NHS in Wales but the opposition parties need to provide us with thier solutions and this should not involve calling for more money unless thier are prepared to tell us which are they would make cuts in.

Or make a serious call for Tax varying powers and make a case for taxing the better off with a promise that it will be ring fenced for the NHS.

I'm not defending the Labour Party running of the NHS in Wales they have clearly failed  us over the years and  exposing failings of Government is a major part of the job of the opposition.

The trouble is thats the easy part . The hard work is coninuing up witjh a workable solution beyond the perceived move in England to a two tier NHS.

The LibDem leader La Pasionaria has been very effective in the Senedd in her attacks but does she have any answers?

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