Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Its not all about you Leighton

Leighton Andrews cannot be accused of hiding his light under a bushel scarcely a week goes by without him announcing an imitative or policy change or the reason why not.

His rejection of proposals how public and private bodies should use the Welsh language in their day to day business.put forward by Welsh Language Commissioner Meri Huws Claiming  that the measures are too "unreasonable or disproportionate" in terms of implementation. 

He and other Minister will instead devise their own set of standards and hold a statutory consultation with the public sector.

Ms Huws. may be wondering what she is there for.

Her CV made her an obvious choice for the job

Born in Carmarthenshire, she was educated at Fishguard High School, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, where she studied law and politics, and the University of Oxford, where she studied to be a social worker.] She is head of the Lifelong Learning Department at Bangor University, and deputy vice-chancellor.She was chair of the The Welsh Language Society from 1981 to 1983, and was a normal member of the Welsh Language Board between 1993 and 1997.She was Chairman of the Welsh Language Board from 2004 until the Board was abolished in March 2012. In 2012, Meri Huws was appointed to the new post of Welsh Language Commissioner.

Oh and perhaps more importantly  She is a member of the Labour Party.

The last bit is vital Ms Hughes .should have realised her role was to make sure that the board did not come into conflict with the Welsh Labour Government and come up with wishy-washy policies which can be rubber stamped by the likes of Leighton Andrews.
She has now been told not to be a sily girls and go away whilst her betters come up with the Welsh Language policy they wanted in the first place.

The education minister has also announced that he  is removing Merthyr Tydfil council's responsibility for education after a highly critical report by the schools watchdog, Estyn.
Leighton Andrews. said the authority had failed to respond to recommendations going back eight years and could not resolve the problems even with support.
Merthyr council leader Brendan Toomey ,who won the council back for Labour last year said he was happy to discuss the way forward with appropriate organisations.

So he seems to be open to permanently  loosing 
Government officials have contacted neighbouring Rhondda Cynon Taf council.
Mr Andrews said his "preferred option" was to merge the two councils' education services.

What this means for Council Tax payers is unclear .

  • Will the expenditure of Education in Merthyr be the same as it is now.or will it be increased?.
  • Will the Welsh Assembly make up the difference?
  • Will money be diverted from other needy sources in Merthyr ?
  • Or will Council Tax Payers in RCT find they are paying more to pay for Education in another county

Cynics may wel think that Leighton has picked om Merthyr because it is Labour controlled and he can't be accused of acting against only councils which are not controlled by his party.

Leighton. likes to present  himself a s a dynamic minister but all to often he looks like a publicity hungry politician coming up with or rejecting policies designed to get him noticed in the media.

If he really wants to be dynamic then he should indicate to Carwyn Jones. that he would like to take over the Health portfolio.

But then that will not get him the populist coverage he so enthusiastically seeks.

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