Friday, 8 February 2013

Wales lose whatever Scotland votes.

The Dilemma that Plaid Cynru is facing in that it must match the desire and argument for Independence with the reality that this was some way off.was proven with Leanne Woods call Yesterday :for a “fast-track” process for new powers to be given to the National Assembly.

She said :
 “There must be a fast-track to full powers if Scotland votes Yes in 2014. It is common sense that the Welsh and the UK Governments must plan for all eventualities of the referendum in order to have a better understanding of how it will affect us.
“We need to have that political conversation – amongst ourselves in Wales and with the other countries that would remain – about what would take place. For Wales the need to reconfigure our relationship with the UK as a state will be hugely important.
“For one thing, removing nearly 60 Westminster seats from Scotland, Wales might always find ourselves within a Tory-governed state. We can’t carry on as if nothing is happening – especially given the impact of a Tory government for the past three years.
“There needs to be alternative choices for Wales in the event of Scottish independence. If Scotland votes Yes then Wales cannot wait until 2020 for job-creating powers recommended by the Silk Commission such as income tax.
“There should be a fast-track to full powers for Wales which would mean a revised timetable for financial powers and other powers which are recommended by the Silk Commission. While negotiations are taking place between the UK Government and the Scottish Government, both pre-and-post referendum, there should also be parallel discussions between the Welsh and the UK Government about the workings of a remainder of the UK state and the role of Wales within it.
“Powers to Wales would need to be fully devolved in as many areas as possible to counteract the privatising instinct of Westminster government. The structure of a reformed UK must be discussed now, not afterwards – we can’t have a state in limbo for years, muddling through.
“When government wants to act, it can do so quickly. That’s why we believe that these talks should be beginning now, not after Scotland votes Yes.
“As the people of Wales, we need to know what will happen to Wales – whatever happens to Scotland

Those who would like  to see a greater call for Independence may well be disappointed   .

But the reality of what wouldh happen after the Scottish,  referendum must be faced,

Even if Scotland where to Vote no in is likely it will be granted further powers under Devo - Max .

Where Wales will be left further behind.

If Scotland were to vote Yes ,we in Wales will face a Labour and Tory Party who have no intention on giving the Assembly more powers.

After the creation of the Irish Free State. Plaid Cymru's newspaper Yr Draig Goch produced a cartoon of  amap of the UKs with a characterure  of Wales as a baby tied by the apron strings saying to Ireland

"After you with the Scissors"

But Irish Home rule actually killed the call for Home Rule all round and Welsh and Scottish Nationalist  found that Labour abandoned the idea.

It would be selfish to even consider the argument that Scotland should wait for Wales to catch up before becoming an Independent.

But if Plaid cannot make its case resound with the Welsh public the consequences for Wales and the Assembly whether Scotland votes Yes or No are dire.

The manifesto of the Unionist political parties especially of Labour and the powers   they offer Wales ( if any) will be interesting indeed.


Anonymous said...

When the United Kingdom was formed in 1707 it was between the Kingdoms of England & Scotland, Wales was beforehand a Principality within the Kingdom. If Scotland votes Yes they will not be leaving the Union they will be ending it. Its the same as a divorce, you don't leave your marriage you end it!
It more or less means Wales would revert back to what or was pre-1707, how many Welshman in the 21st century will want to carry an English Passport?
But then in Scotland votes No, it would kill off the 'slippery slope' argmuent that more powers lead to independence for at least a generation.

Anonymous said...

Plaid needs to campaign agressively now for independence now, while the snp are fulling the headlines. There will never be a right time for independence economically. The problem with the econonmy in Wales is rule by England. It will be solved by independence.

glynbeddau said...

I agree that there should be a strong argument that Independence will create the conditions for an economic recovery.

The problem Plaid have us that the policies of the Now may be not be the same as those of an Independent Wales.

Anonymous said...

Talking about independence aggressively would lose Plaid even more votes and move Wales further away from it. Better idea is to talk about it rationally and intelligently- but the research on public spending so far suggests an independent Wales would lose £8bn expenditure per year than is the case now. I.e we'd be even worse off.