Friday, 15 February 2013

One Nation/Labour ? More like Tory Lite.

So Labour rebranding continues First we had New Labour now we have One Nation Labour


As evidence Ed Miliband announced that a Labour government would seek to re-introduce the 10p starting rate of tax scrapped by Gordon Brown in 2008, E

Mr   Milibandsaid it was a "very bad mistake" to get rid of it and the move would send a "clear signal" his party was on the "side of working people".

The move, worth about £2 a week for people, would be funded by a "mansion tax" on £2m properties, he said.

But No 10 said it was a "stunning admission of economic incompetence".

The decision to scrap the 10p tax band - announced in the 2007 Budget as part of a package which also saw the basic rate of tax reduced from 22p to 20p - was highly controversial.

So there you have it One Nation Labour are on your side.

Except of course those on the bottom rung . Because this is aimed to appeal to Middle England But it also means ED supporting cuts to the EU budget at Wales’s  and indeed the (poorer regions of England )

New Labour was Tony Blair's highly successful wooing  of Middle England and Tory leaning Voters and One Nation/Labour has the same name.

For the people of Wales who have loyally stuck with Labour or who had a brief flirtation with Plaid and the Liberal Democrats he offers nothing.

Fir Labour like all the Westminster Parties Welsh votes are irrelevant  . There's only about 10 Marginal seats  and for Labour in particular .

Even in 1983 when there was a Tory Landslide . Labour still held 20 of the 38 seats losing only 1.

You only have to look at the comparison  of the  map of the 1997 and the 2010 election to see where the battle ground is.

Uk '971.png

Labour need to regain ground in those vat areas of Blue in the South of England  and even then for them Middle England  is just that the English Midlands.

They cant rely on the Liberal Democrats to turn some seats in the South  yellow .so this area becomes even more vital to their success

So for Labour in particular Wales is irrelevant and areas like the South Wales Valleys are even more irrelevant .when it comes to the UK.

New Labour  was highly a successful rebranding as Tony Blair abandoned the working Class vote and turned his party who should have named themselves Tory Lite and One Nation Labour merely continues the process.

But even then it id Governments which lose elections? Labour would have won in 1997 without rebanding .

It was largely due to Bliar molding the Party to his own image an image which David Cameron sees when he looks in the mirror.

Whose image does Ed Milliband see these days?

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